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The Versatility of the White Shirt in your Closet

We all talk about fashion statements that are churned on the ramp by some of the ace designers of our times. In fact, many of us think of fashion to be proportionate to the high end designer dresses. While the popularity of designer dresses cannot be overlooked, there are certain wardrobe classics that can save you from spending giant on new clothes. One such item is the classy white shirt that you have been wearing every Monday.

Shirts have always been synonymous to formal wear, but there’s lot more that you can do with shirts. Whether for men or women, white shirts are always classy. The best thing any commoner can think of doing with a white shirt is to tug it in a formal pair of trousers. However, if you are a girl, you can play with the white shirt in varied ways. Check the top looks that you can sport with your everyday white shirt.

1. The formal look: A white shirt with an affable and well crafted collar can be a professional’s delight. You can combine your white shirt with almost any kind of trousers without offending the formal codes. Not to forget, you can add an elegant jacket and keep the look as formal as you can.










2. The girl-next-door look: You can team your crushed white shirt with a pair of pajamas and make the look go altogether casual. Alternatively, you can wear the shirt with a pair of shorts and go to your casual brunches and outings. For summers, you can wear a half sleeves shirt with a small pair of shorts or denims and hit the dance floor with suaveness. For the extreme rugged look, tie the shirt just below your chest!

3. The party girl: If you have a pleasant white shirt in satin or mixed fabric, you can even wear it to a party. The idea is to use the right blend of accessories with the shirt. Try some neckpieces that come with long chains with matching earrings. Pearls too can look resplendent with white shirts for a party.

Avoid these fashion blunders

While wearing a white shirt can be trendy and fashionable, there are few fashion mistakes that you need to avoid.

• Avoid wearing bras that don’t fit you. For the best looks, you can wear padded bras that offer a toned look to your entire chest.
• Don’t forget to wear your spaghetti or camisole, if you think that the distance between the buttons can give a sneak-peek of your body.
• Always opt for neat fit for shirts. White shirts don’t hide your weight, so don’t wear something that’s too tight. You may end up looking plumper than you actually are.
• Don’t forget to wash your shirt after ever couple of times you wear it. This is essential because the stains of sweat on white shirt can ruin your entire appearance, especially in the summers.

If you have a white shirt that you have been avoiding for being too formal, it’s time to take it out.

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