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The Trendiest Ways Of Wearing A Cape in Fall 2012

Wearing a cape may not be the perfect fashionable idea on your mind as we mostly relate them to superheroes. Well, you might even have the fond memories of wearing a long sheet around your neck and pretending to be superman in your childhood. However, if fashion rule books are checked, you will find that a cape is one of the most versatile items in your closet. The fall season is one of the best seasons to revive old trends, and this is when you can wear the cape that has been lying idle in your wardrobe. Here are some smart and cool ways to show that a sleeveless dress can be adequately smart and classy.

Getting ready for a date

Cape for a date

Image Courtesy: lovemaegan

If your partner has been asking you for a date, and you have been clueless about what you should wear, this is probably the time you can get experimental with the cape. Try and invest in a decent fall color cape and combine the same with extremely skinny pants, preferably something that fits your curves well. Oxblood or olive green, the choice of colors is yours, but you need something that comes with a little of embellishments. You can complete the look with danglers on your ears and peep toes shoes with medium heels for your feet. While you can get the breath of fresh air, you will be at your stylish best. Certainly one of the most adaptable look of the fall!

Getting ready for all girls day out

Cape for Girls Day Out

Image Courtesy: wanderwithstyle.

There are ways to get out for all day hangout with a cape on! What you need is a funky cape, something that comes with colors or comes with something bolder than what everyone has seen. A poncho can be a good way to show that you can break the jinx of wearing a t-shirt and top or those flowing skirts. You can combine your casual poncho with a pair of jeans that you wear every day and complete the look with simple flippers. Finally, you need to put all the girly stuff in perfect cross-bodied bag and move out. There is so much to this look that you will look for more such outings.

Getting to a cocktail party

Cape for cocktail party

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Have you ever wondered how many times you have tried using your cocktail dresses for various informal and semi formal occasions? If you want a complete different look, opt for black poncho with well fitted leather pants. You can wear a scarf if you feel the need for layering, or else, you can try a few accessories such as an embellished bracelet or decent neck piece. This is obviously not those looks that you try every day, but you can make sure that cape looks cool and completely in style.

Next time, your fashion gurus tell you that cape is not in trend, you know how to dress to make an impression. Rather than being a slave to the trends, give the fashion rules a boost with your own fashion ways.


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