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The Trendiest Dresses for Spring 2013

Most of us would admit to the fact that dresses are for every occasion, no matter whether you are heading to a corporate party or casual occasion. Dresses vary in every season, and for the spring 2013, we have some trends that are definitely new and others that we certainly love. Here is a close take on the dresses that you must invest with the advent of summer and the spring.

Lace Dresses

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  • The lace dress: If you love dressing up in a feminine way, there are no two ways that you need a lace dress in your closet. The designs can be anything from complete laced item to a dress with a hint of lace. As for colours, you have the option to look for the bright summer shades to more pastel and neutral shades, depending on the occasion. For those who want to spend a little more, please do add a black laced dress because you cannot go wrong with that!
Polka Dot dress

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  • Polka dot dress: Polka dots have been time and again used in the fashion scenario, and for those who love those dotted prints, this is the season to try new shades. Look for white dresses with black dots or simple choose a balanced and calming colour like blue for the shade with white dots. Polka prints are easy to admire, and there is a lot that you can try without going wrong with the trend. The cuts can be varied, where you can try a revealing ‘V’ neck or can choose to go in the retro style with full sleeves.
A Line Dress

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  • The A line dress: The A line skirt is a global fashion statement, and we have seen them being a rage at office and work. However, for 2013 spring, look for dresses that come with the ‘A’ cut. Feminine and extremely stylish, these dresses look best when teamed with a pair of high heels and matching jacket. Depending on where you are wearing it, you can choose between summer colours and simple office shades.
Golden Dress

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  • Ravishing gold accented dress: If you have checked the red carpet appearances this year, you must have found that many celebs wore dresses with a hint of gold. Taylor Swift was seen at one of the events wearing a pretty light coloured dress with golden work all over it. Some other celebs sported the much beautiful shimmer golden dress in the metallic style, and it seems shimmer and gold are colours of the season. If those stylish bright summer colours don’t suit you, look forward towards being the golden girl.

    Prom Style dresses

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  • Prom style gowns: When Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear to a stylish gown to the BAFW event, all eyes were on her. The bright prom style dress with little work seemed to be flavour to vouch for. If you are looking for some style, make sure that you check for everything in prom dresses, right from the bright to the more summer shades. Light colours can often be attractive as well, provided you are not opting for too many embellishments.



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