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The Top Formal Essentials for Every Working Girl!

Workplace clothing doesn’t have to be boring and bland, because there are plenty of brands that are changing the concept. At the same time, there’s ample to learn from your fellow fashionistas as at the end of the day, buying new brands and following the trends can be stretching on the finances. To make things simple, we have put together a complete list, where we will talk of the fashion essentials that a girl must have and how you can change these classics for the office with amazing ease.

The perfect crisp white button down

The perfect crisp white button down: The white button down shirt is a complete classic to say the least. Whether as a part of an ensemble, or used simply with a nice pencil skirt, the button down shirt in white works wonders for work. This is also one of the few things that you would want to invest into, so choosing a good brand for your favourite shirt isn’t a bad idea. Given that white has its own problems, make sure to own at least a couple.

The everyday blazer

The everyday blazer: Not happy with the shirt? Don’t have a new skirt to sport? Don’t worry because the blazer is ready for the rescue. The black blazer is just like a perfect partner to almost anything you wear to work- formal pants, shirts, skirts and everything else you can name. To be honest, blazers in any colour do wonders for formal events, but black and blue remain the best bet.

Being classic with black pumps

Being classic with black pumps: If you don’t own a pair of black pumps, there is no way you are going to office. Formal shoes need to be quite within limits, which certainly brings down the experimenting to a great extent. However, if you are someone who likes to keep things simple and classy, black pumps are must haves for any odd day! Ideal with suits and skirts alike, black pump are great with high heels, kitten heels and in flats alike.

The knee length skirts

The knee length skirts: There is something about knee length skirts that always make them ideal for workplace needs. Pair it perfectly with your nice white short or choose one of the flawless cashmere sweaters, there is plenty to love. Make sure that you don’t overdo the accessories because for work, you don’t seriously want to get unwanted attention for the other things with a classic like this!

Your perfect tote

Your perfect tote: Another item that doesn’t seize to amaze fashionistas at work is the tote, which works like an eye-candy, offering balance between style and essential needs. There are all kinds of totes that you will find, and even some of the pop colours won’t really hurt if paired rightly. Totes are great for storing the basics, while you will also find designs that flatter your personal style.

Among the other things you should own include a cashmere sweater, statement jewellery, trench coat and a nice silk blouse. With these essentials, work wear doesn’t have to be boring and cliché anymore! Just work on the basic essence of matching and balancing.


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