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The Spring Essentials List for Every Girl: Part 1

We have talked of spring trends for 2016, and there is no denying that our shopping list is based on what we see in the fashion circles and runway walks. However, fashion is also about essentials, and every fashionista doesn’t really have the resources to get everything that the top fashion houses launch. That’s where you can act smart by keeping a very effective wardrobe, which can have fewer things but never limited ideas. In this series, which will be more of a cheat sheet, we will talk of spring essentials that are worth the keeps, no matter the season and style. Let’s get started quickly.

A set of floral dresses

A set of floral dresses: Spring and floral motifs go hand in hand, and even after having ginghams, checks and other kinds of prints, we cannot have enough of floral. Floral dresses, tops, tunics and even pants have a complete impact on the season, and you can have many colours and ideas. If you really want to get the classy feel, look for a floral dress that has smaller prints, which are kind of cute and immensely likeable. As for colours, pinks, reds, corals and peaches remain the top choices, with hints of blue and green thrown in. The good thing is there are many online sites, where you can get floral dresses at dirt cheap prices, so make sure to take a try.

Add a couple of wide-legged pants

Add a couple of wide-legged pants: Wide-legged and palazzo pants are effectively stylish and can be a good replacement for your regular skinny denims. If you are wearing palazzos, you need to find the right of tops and blouses to create an impression. Wide legged pants look best when matched with feminine tops. One of the good ideas is to go for ruffled designs, which create an instant lift, and for those, who are on the plus side, a nice and sleek blazer can also do wonders. The idea is to ensure that the colours and prints are well coordinated, and if you are looking for a pop coloured spring look, you can go for bold colours like red and blue for your pants.

Go for luminous stripes

Go for luminous stripes: While stripes were a major trend for spring 2016, this is ideally something classy for every spring. Striped outfits that are coordinated well work wonders for casual and formal outings alike, and you can create different looks as you choose horizontal and vertical stripes. Dresses are also wonderful when picked in the right colour. If you want the striped looks to be experimental, the best choice is to go for contrast colours, which can instantly create a big impression. Striped skirts are also extremely cool, especially when matched with a monochromatic cropped top and a blazer, especially with regards to those offbeat brunches and casual outings.

In the closure part of the series, we will talk of some more essentials that you need for the perfect spring closet. Keep an eye on this space for more and start making your shopping list right away!

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