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The Practical List of Wearable Spring 2017 Trends – Part 1

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you probably know the excitement and wait around spring/summer trends. From fresh ideas to mix of colours, prints and unique accessories, spring always offers something worthy of taking note. On our blog, we have covered everything you need for the season, starting with clothing trends to the best ideas in handbags, shoes, makeup, jewellery, and lot more. However, while flipping through the fashion magazines, we realized that there were things we could have talked about. Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted the best of Spring/summer 2017’s fashion trends – the looks that you cannot afford to miss!

The Classy Stripe

The Classy Stripe: Do you love stripes but not fond of bold strikes? Well, this trend is just for you. Many of the top names, including Valentino, Altuzarra, and Banana Republic worked with the classy stripes in a variety of ways. Unlike 2016, when designers were more focused on contrasting colours and broad stripes, this time is all about feeling right. In fact, you might want to try this trend whenever you hit the beach. There is a breezy element to the stripes, which were lean and full of unique colours. Play around with suits, dresses or even a regular blouse – You will never disappoint the fashion police for sure! As for the colours, you can try options like sea green, shades of blue and olive, along with classic shades of red and pink.

Love you Khaki

Love you Khaki: Khaki is comfortable and one of the best picks for the summer. Many fashion divas like to try shades beyond the regular spring colours, and that’s something that brands like Carolina Herrera and Creatures of Comfort have noted. These brands worked with khaki for creating unique styles, right from simple suits to elaborate dresses. J.Crew also had some amazing outfits in khaki, and we really think that this trend is here to stay. Even the classic khaki colour can be twisted with more shades and prints. For a more ‘safe’ look, you can pair your classic khaki pants with a nice white shirt or can try simple A-line dress.

Bright out Loud

Bright out Loud: Bright and bold – Spring/summer 2017’s fashion was all about loud colours. From reds, blues, and yellows to unique tones of fuchsia, every designer seemed to enjoy the bright shades. This year, you won’t see any of the muted trends, and if you don’t have a bright coloured monotone outfit as yet, consider buying one right now. The trend worked big time with designers like Coach, Jason Wu, Creatures of Comfort, Max Mara, and Delpozo among others, and we expect to see more in months to come. When you are short on budget, you can also check with online stores to find cheaper options.

We hope you found this post helpful. In our next, we will focus on more spring 2017 trends, including the ones that we haven’t talked on our blog as yet. Keep an eye on this space for your dose of style, fashion, and makeup!

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