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The Perfect Items for Fashion Art of Layering- Part 1

Winter dressing can be tricky for any fashionista. While we don’t have the liberal times of summer, winter does give us scope to be stylish and be in vogue, without leaving the elements of comfort outside. Taking a look at the special season of the year, we have come up with a series that talk of layering. Layered clothing is like an art, where all the different pieces can work together in creating a nice appeal, and the art of assembling is what differentiates one girl from another. Here is a close take at the most happening pieces of layering that you definitely want to own in every winter without a miss.

The blanket scarf

The blanket scarf: This is one item that gives a quick update to any look you have. The oversized scarf, also known as the blanket scarf, is a total fashion special item that makes way to any winter look. Tie it in a way you like or simply wrap around the neck like your regular scarf, the choice is yours. The blanket scarf can be your regular one colour design or even a printed option to pair with old cardigans and pullovers for a quick styled look.

The comfy high socks

The comfy high socks: High socks are always style and comfort combined together, which is why many girls like to wear them all around in the winter. Socks that reach above the knee are great for almost any kind of shoes you wear, especially those high heel sandals and the ankle boots, and if you are keen on wearing something mini, the socks ensure ample warmth for the legs, which is the reason why girls invest in them as a comfort item. There are prints available, but nothing beats having a black pair for any day of the cold months.

The tee with the turtleneck

The tee with the turtleneck: The turtleneck tee is an item that goes well for layering in more ways than one. It is a snug item that stays inside the pullovers, jackets, moto jackets and all other shrugs and winter stuff you always wear. The turtle neck can come in a number of colours, and if you have pullovers or outerwear that are in dark shades, white is a good option, or else, a black tee with that kind of neck is always attractive.

Jeggings for style

Jeggings for style: Jeggings have been around for some time and all girls love them for the simplicity and style. You will use the jeggings as an individual item to be layered with trench coats and pullovers, depending on the winter feel. There are leather options, but if you don’t support leather like we don’t for the reasons of animal cruelty, there are faux leather options that are equally good. Black is again an obvious choice, but shades of brown and other leather colours is also something worth experimenting with. Get started with leather love in faux options right now for this winter layering item.

Check part 2 for more layering items for chilly winter decoded!

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