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The New Styling of Layering Accessories- Cool Trend to Watch

Statement necklaces, rings, and bracelets are obvious inclusions in every closet, and we like to add something to every single thing we wear. If you have too many junk and street accessories in your closet, you can embrace one of the best styles this season- the art of layering! From the designers who work on runway looks to women in the hippie world, everyone seems to be in love with layering, and there is something worth doing to everything. Take a look how layering can be hippie, subtle and cool at the same time without going overboard.

Layer the Rings

Layer the rings: The rings on your fingers don’t always need to be one in number. The ruling trend is to add two, there or even four of the rings together for a cool and casual look. While this is a cool idea to adopt for the parties and cocktail events, it can be equally smart and suave for the office too. If you love gold, then stacking one ring of gold upon another, each having a unique stone or gemstone of its own can be smart idea. Also, you can opt for one large statement ring and add two rings of lesser width to draw attention.

Layer the bracelets

Layer the bracelets and bangles: Certainly not for the corporate world, the use of bracelets and bangles in a cluster can be quite fun. There are various ways of doing the style. You can opt for one bracelet in different colour with similar beads to wear on one hand or else, pick similar designs in bracelets but with different beads and stones. Some women also like the idea of layering the watch, which should ideally be on the front coupled with one cuff or wide bracelet. The final idea is to go completely different with mix and match style.

Layer the statement necklaces

Layer the statement necklaces: One of the most unique things about statement necklaces is the fact that each one can be different from the other, and there are no rules to be followed when you want to team them together. The idea is to maintain the basic style and not going overboard, and you will find more than a few choices. Ideally, as gold chains and large link chains are in vogue, you can pick two or three different ones together and get them match each other. Or else, one of the single colour statement necklaces is quite good when you team with a string of pearls. The colour choices don’t need to match, but most designers and stylists like either the extreme contrast or mixing fun.

Layering is the new cool, and if you have shopped for accessories online for a long time, it’s time to get some ahead of the summers. Pick as many variants as you can in rings, bracelets and necklaces, and you will find endless ways to mix and match things. After all, every outfit needs to have a new look, which is easy through accessories for sure!

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