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The Must Buy Trends for the Spring Season

As we move in the most awaited fashion season, we wonder what to buy. Every season comes up with essential set of must have fashion items, and there is no denying that spring collection is something that every fashion enthusiast looks forward to. Here is a close take the things that you must buy against all odds and add to your closet for spring 2013.


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Floral: Springs and Floral go together hand in hand, and every year, most of the brands come up with something in floral motifs. This year, there were many shoes, heels and pumps that came up with such designs, and if shoes are not enough, you can invest in all kinds of dresses. There are mixed colorful print in floral designs, while single block shades with a single floral print on one side are also a rage. In addition to apparels, you have plenty of bags in floral prints along with accessories like scarves and hair bands in such motifs. Don’t worry about making such investments because floral will never be out of the fashion scene of spring.


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Stripes: If there is one trend that works in every season, it is the use of stripes. The best of stripes comes in colors mixed with white. From red and white to black and white, stripes are certainly one of the best investments for the closet. You can choose broader and wider stripes rather than thin stripes. After all, wider stripes bring more attention to the face and body. When you are looking for stripes, don’t limit yourself to dresses, but look for more options in handbags, shoes, and even accessories. The more designs you are willing to add for a balanced and matched look, the better!


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Laces: Feminine and easy to the eyes, laces add glamour anywhere. When you are looking for laces, don’t think of going in other details because lacing itself becomes a huge detailing. Think of a complete dress crafted of laces or just look for something that has laced borders. If you thought laces could only be added to your shirts, t-shirts, dresses and tops, think again because bellies and peeptoes in laces look awesome and add a lot of substance when matched with other things. Handbags in laces are also a huge trend!


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Leather: Spring and leather may not seem the best combination, but that’s something that has been ruling the ramp. If you are looking for leather items, don’t get struck in those dark shades but look for colorful leather pieces that can bring new hues to the wardrobe. Leather looks best when it is not over glamorized. So, when you are wearing a leather skirt, wear a shirt that is not extremely detailed. Of course, you always have the choices of investing in handbags in leather, and leather shoes are always a hit in any closet. In short, leather is something that should be a part of your spring attire, and you must buy a few new items for every season.

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