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The Most Wanted Spring Essentials for Every Girl – Closing Part

In the last part, we talked of some of the essentials for every spring and for every girl, and we would just take that part ahead in this post. Find out why you need some of these things listed below, and we have also added some styling tips to make things easy for starters.

Get your colours

Get your colours: Spring and summer allow you to add a pop of colour to any look to create an instant impression, and that’s something that has happened for many years now. No wonder, colours are essential for every closet, and much of this idea depends on how you want to interpret things. Some of the things that look wonderful in bold colours include stilettos, bags and jewellery. Think of bold red heels or a nice sling bag in a pop shade for your casual outings. You can also add statement colour jewellery and create stunning looks for less investment. Most of such pop coloured accessories can be found on online stores, so you can easily avoid going high end.

A complete white ensemble

A complete white ensemble: Another classic thing to have in the closet is a white ensemble. Head to your favourite boutique and get one complete formal or semi-formal suit stitched in white, or else, you can also find readymade stuff in many stores, online sites and malls. A white blazer matched with white pants and a contrast top can make you feel immensely powerful, and for women in their mid 20s and beyond, this is more about being in sync with the generation. If you have reservations for complete white, you can go for prints of white on white.

Add a couple of cocktail and disco dresses

Add a couple of cocktail and disco dresses: Now this is one of the few things where we recommend paying a tad more. Disco and high-end cocktail dresses look absolutely lovely on anyone with a decent figure, and even if you are on the plus side, you can find quite a few tempting designs. Just in case you think you can pull off bold things, go for sequins or cut-out dresses, or else, you may even want to go for classic black dresses with a nice shoulder cut- the choice is yours. The trends in cocktail and evening dresses change all the time, so it’s best to have something that doesn’t really depend on runway rules.

Add some lace

Add some lace: Lace is a feminine material, and a lace outfit can add so much variety and style that you will keep asking for more. You can find lace dresses at many top designers, but if you don’t want to go for a complete detailed ensemble, even some of the lace inspired looks are also worth checking. Lace is also used to accent otherwise boring dresses, and in terms of colours, white is the ultimate pick, although black can be equally sensuous for the evenings. Soft pastel shades are also worth a check, if you want to shift from basic colours.

Hope you have a great time shopping for spring!

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