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The Most Unique Trends of 2013 Revealed

While the banal trends of every season are easy to the eyes and amazing to try, we always have few trends that are quite different but likeable enough. If you are one of those who like to try fashion but in the weirdest forms, we bring you a range of fashion trends that are excellently quirky. For those who love experimenting, they will find ample of spicy trends below to experiment with.

Metallic wedges:

Metallic Wedges

Think of sci-fi movies of the recent times, and you will know how metallic the world is going to be in coming days. This spring and summer, all you need is mega metallic pair of wedges. Like a flashy sequin dress, such shoes are much of a shocker to the eyes, but you can demand attention wherever you go. Look for high and medium wedges because that’s where the style looks best.

Pointed toe pumps:

Pointed Toe-Pumps

Think of the retro style pointed pumps, but this time with pointed heels. Little bit rock ’n’ roll and some amount of sophisticated style, this is one of few trends in shoes that is extremely unconventional and yet banal enough to be worn every day. You have one pair dedicated to the night parties and have another for the office. As for the colours, look for only nude colours because of the universal appeal.

Snake-print pumps:

Snake Print Pumps

The reptile print is all about sensuous style in the wildest style. The snake print in the natural tones are good enough for the regular conventional look, but the colourful ways of snake skin are much trendier. Look for colours that are highly highlighted and have holographic effects that are designed straight from the runway designs. While other reptile prints keep coming back in the fashion circle, rest assured that the snake print is not going anywhere.

Glitter style flats:

Glitter Style Flats

Tired of those pointed heels? Make way for the high-wattage footwear in the flat style. Glitter flats are quite new on the block but there is a lot to experiment with. You can wear such flats for the cocktail dresses you have or even for the normal frocks you wear for the day time. Pointed heels may be fashionable enough, but flats are all about style in the comfort zone.

Candy sophisticated pumps:

Candy Sophisticated Pumps

Those sweet candy colours are worth checking, and if you have a feminine side, this is one trend that you must make a part of your closet. Look for the soft shades in the feminine side with attention-grabbing heels. Among the colours, you need to check pinks, blues and greens among other shades.

Printed wedges:

Printed Wedges

The printed wedges are quite a rage in the trendy season of spring of 2013. Look for all kinds of unique prints that make headlines. The only thing that you must check is the match with the clothes or outfit. While contrasting is alright, but having a hint of your outfit colour in the heel prints can be a good idea to mix and match without going out of tune.

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