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The Most Promising and Fresh Trends of 2015 – Part 1

We had done quite a few trends for 2015, and as we gear for more ideas, we are taking a close look at some of these styles that seem to be the essence of the year. Thanks to 2014, which had some great ideas that could be called classics in years ahead, the fresh year is no behind either. Take a look at what it makes a great fashion year and the things you would need to invest in.

Mismatched intentionally

Mismatched intentionally: 2014 gave us that much needed change in the accessories world and we had those one earring trends that seemed to rule the ramp in style. This year, you have something even more daring. Some designers and brands have opted for the mismatched earring, which is essentially wearing two different earrings for two ears. Sounds silly? Well, not this time. You can go for some syncing in the design to match, but mismatch certainly seems to be the key this year.

Suede replaces leather

Suede replaces leather: Well, we don’t support leather and suede for obvious reasons, but strangely, suede seems to be the flavour of the year. From trench coats, dresses and jackets to even trousers, suede is everywhere, and you will find plenty of styles in most of the designer collections. For those who love the material, they surely have found the replacement for leather this year, and it’s time to get out your suede shoes, which must be lying unused in the closet.

Gingham is new love

Gingham is new love: Well, there is no denying that we all love to wear prints that are more on the stylish store and away from those floral designs that seem to add nothing extra to the summer and spring looks. For spring 2015, we have found the gingham trend to be the newest and stunning addition to the list. Coming from the tablecloth designs, gingham has emerged to be the best choice in prints and adds a lot of freshness to the regular looks. Check online and you will find some great designs.

The fascination for lace

The fascination for lace:  2015 will be another year when we will be drooling over lace. Feminine, stylish and extremely versatile, lace in 2015 is all about getting to the basics, so white seems to the choice for most designers. Get ahead and find your love for the material with dresses and skirts that will work for all kinds of day looks, and if you have the guts, your parties too can have lace in style.

Gladiator is back

Gladiator is back: Most women would agree that gladiator is not something that flatters the legs, but 2015 has some great gladiator sandals that seem to be high on glamour. Wear one with your short dress or miniskirt, and you will be ready for that ultimate summer appeal. As for the colours, black and white are obvious choices, with black being the choice to show off your gladiator cuts in style. Other colours in contrast with the outfit can be equally fun.

Check part 2 for more!

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