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The Most Practical Trends for Fall 2015 Unveiled

Most of us have fallen for a number of fall trends 2015, but have we talked enough on practical style? Well, after a complete cover on the best trends of this year for the fall, we have now come to a point when we want readers to have access to the practical ideas. These are fashion trends that you can get inspired from the top designers and can translate into daily looks. Here are some great things to look forward in budget with special tips on styling and beyond.

More of ruffles

More of ruffles: We have seen ruffles, which were inspired from Victorian era, at some of the best designers including Roberto Cavalli, Altuzarra. If you are looking to get that in your daily closet, get a simple ruffled top or dress. This should work with skirts for work, and even for your casual days. Check a few of the online stores, and you are likely to find something effective in budget. Make sure to go for monochrome colours and block prints, which will make way for interesting looks and won’t take away the essence.

Simple and minimal one coloured looks

Simple and minimal one coloured looks: This was one of the major highlights for fall 2015 and was seen at Stelle McCartney, Jil Sander among others. The concept is to be minimal with the colours and let the simplicity do the talking. If you haven’t got a tailored suit done in recent times in one colour or a lighter shade, this is the best time to get one. Keep an eye on the interesting use of wide legged pants and even more flowing silhouette, which means you don’t need to suffocate in skin tight clothes anymore. That’s minimal fashion coupled with amazing style!

Love for trench coats

Love for trench coats: Trench coats have ruled the fall 2015, and this is one of the most effective trends to adopt in real life straight from the runways. Some of the designers who have worked on trench coats include Gucci, Chloé, and you can find plenty of similar designs in a number of stores and even in local markets. Look for something expensive here, because trench coats don’t go away from the market easily to be precise.

More of velvet

More of velvet: Velvet is among the best materials for a posh look, and designer houses like Driex van Noten, Gucci exploited the same to the most this time. A complete velvet outfit may seen extremely complicated for your regular look, but a little bit of the material won’t hurt for sure. Think of a mini velvet dress or even a nice blazer for a very corporate girl look, the choice is yours. There’s a lot to experiment in terms of colours, as well, so don’t worry about the styles. Make sure to think of luxury shades like maroon and black.

Also, there should be a special mention of the complete black look, seen at Valentino and Alexander Wang among others. Hopefully that’s one of the few trends that are easy to love and translate to suit your needs. Happy styling!

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