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The Most Awaited Spring Shoes Trends 2014

While we have already talked a little on the spring summer trends and all the clothing styles that we can expect in the coming season, the style for shoes was missing. In this exclusive post, we bring in some excellent options for the spring shoes trends 2014, something that you can indulge and try for all the good reasons. After all, it’s all about staying in vogue!

The ankle strap style

The ankle strap style: This style is all about flats and pumps that are designed with cuffs and strings around the ankle. The look is quite feminine and there is an element of chicness attached to it. From the prints to the plain and simple colours like black and white, you have too much to love. Brands that seemed to focus on this trend include Hermes.

The platform heel

The platform heel: If you are bored with the stilettos and wedges, this is the time to gear for the platform heel. Designed with care and craft, this style is going to be around for the summer, as well. Look for the light shades to the more sophisticated design, the choice is yours. Among the brands, Vionnet seems to have worked on it the most.

Buckles and more buckles

Buckles and more buckles: In case you have had the chance to check the Alexander McQueen collection, you must have seen how the designer has created wonders with buckles. From the edge designs to multicolour patterns, buckled shoes were all over. With heels studded and designed with many elements, the buckled shoes don’t get bigger and better than this.

Flats are classy

Flats are classy: Yes, for the fall, give your feet some much needed feel of a classic with flats. Many designers seemed to love the choice of flats in their collection, but some of the best and comfortable designs came from Paul & Joe and Valentino. In fact, Valentino had flats that were designed with the unique ankle strap detailing, making both the trends get in the masses.

Pointed heels and toes

Pointed black and white: One of the best trends that you will see in spring summer 2014 is pointed heels that come with pointed toes. What is to be noted here is the colour trends, which is mostly black and white for that perfect feminine look. Brands like Chanel seemed to be more in love with black and white, while Elie Saab seemed to be in favour of candy colours, but whatever you pick, it’s going to be a statement for sure.

The chunky heel

The chunky heel: This is one trend that has been in fashion for quite some time. This time, Stella McCartney seemed to be focusing more on the chunk heel that gives us some comfortable models to grab for the season. You can choose for the smaller size or even the long ones like the stilettos, both are clear hits of the season to come.

There are some other trends like laced heels and classy sneakers, but we are waiting more for the brands to come up with new things worth trying.

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