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The hottest beauty trends for you

The hottest get-gorgeous looks from the runways are right here. Looking good doesn’t just mean choosing the right apparel or clothes. Or not necessarily wearing the sexy and stylish shoes. But it is important to look gorgeous and beautiful as well with right clothes and shoes. Don’t just miss on your makeup and hairstyle because they can change the way you look entirely. If you are a true fashionista, you would know. If you are not don’t worry we can discuss some beauty trends to give you a gorgeous and beautiful look.

  1. Bold Lips: This season is all about how well dressed your lips are. Experiment with a bold mouth through different shades of red, plum, peach, orange and maroon. For color that lasts and lasts, line your lips and then fill. Blot and reapply. Three coats of mascara with it and you are gorgeous to go.
  2. Braids:  It’s hard to not love braids – they are fun, girly and an easy way to tackle a bad hair day. Try different styles – low loose side hair braids and Bohemian half up braids (simply add two small braids along the hairline and pin them up). Check YouTube to find more ideas o braids.
  3. Nude: Its back to basics, as skin gets stripped bare of color. On several runways around the world models sported matte flawless skin with defined bone structure. Don’t have perfect skin? No problem. Create it with high-coverage matte foundation, and then sweep a touch of illumination along the nose and cheekbones. Keep brows full and ashes bare. Finally add a touch of color to your lips.
  4. Intense Black Eyes: There’s a new smoky eye in town and it’s shouting for attention. To do, draw a thick kohl line across lids, dip your brush in dark charcoal shadow and use quick upward and downward strokes to blend the color evenly. Finish with lengthening and thickening mascara.
  5. Side – Slicked ponytail: A super gily look that combines two of the hottest runway trends- the pny and the side slick. Part your hair to one side and settle any bangs using a little styling lotion. The hair into a loose pony, and you are set for style that can take you from work to a romantic date!
  6. A touch metal: Metallic eyes are back and in every shade imaginable – blue, green, gold, and silver. Keep it simple with awash of gold shadow, or make dark eyes pop with bright shades. Also making a comeback are shimmery lipsticks.


Hope you know your makeup tips well enough to dress up and look gorgeous for any occasion. Rock it ladies!! Your ramp is where you walk. So be a model every day.


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