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The Greatest Spring 2016 Accessory Trends- Part 2

So, we were doing a haul on the best spring 2016 accessory trends, and we did complete a part. Taking this series ahead, let’s check some amazing accessory ideas that you can definitely look forward for the next few months of the upcoming New Year.

Head jewellery is fun

Head jewellery is fun: It is not often that you see a lot of head jewellery in a single season, but that has happened at spring 2016 fashion weekends, and every big designer and fashion houses did their best to create unique things. Right from innovative stuff to the reinterpretation of tiaras and much more, there was a lot to get inspired. Honesty, these are probably things you will need to buy from the top stores or else, you may have to wait for a long time before you see the replicas. The designers that made the best impact include Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Alessandra Rich.

Tied up

Tied up! In 2015, we did cover a trend that talked of the amazing ideas taken from bondage. For spring 2016, things have gone a little feminine, but we are still in love with the tying detail, with shoes getting a smarty makeover. Some of the designers that you may want to check include Altuzurra, Fendi, Proenza Schouler, and Oscar de la Renta. The good thing is the fact that this isn’t entirely a new thing to be precise, and many designers are actually reinterpreting the classic idea with twists. This simply means that you can check a few of the online stores, and it might be possible that you get a few ideas worthy in budget.

Detailed transparency

Detailed transparency: One of the unique ideas for spring was to go complete transparent, so we had some unique things to check, and that included handbags, shoes and more. Simone Rocha came up with clear straps for shoes, which worked wonders as a flat style for the summer and spring, while Mary Katranzou came up with clear heels and that was quite fabulous too. In short, you might just want to check for more clear stuff for the next season, and since the choices are many, you can even check in the local shopping markets for simple picks.

Chained up

Chained up: Alright, it’s not new to see chains on the runways, especially for handbags. If you remember, back in fall 2015 shows, we had these buxom chained straps that emerged as singular trends. Things have certainly changed for sure, but with a few tweaks. The thing that has changed is the new way to use the chains more than just straps. So, in collections of Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney, the chains were used as sheer accessories, which worked greatly for handbags as a new prob. For sure, this is among those trends that demand investment, because you don’t get to see these styles every now and then.

Hope you had a great time checking the best trends in accessories for spring 2016. Keep an eye on this space for more updates.

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