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The Fun Girly Layering Items for Every Winter-Part 2

In the first part, we have talked of layering as an art of fashion, especially for those chilly months of the year when the fashion choices are more about comfort than anything else. Taking the same series ahead, we take a close look at the various aspects of winter layering and the items that you should own for years to come. No matter how the trends change, you can be assured these things are not going anywhere.

A faux fur scarf

A faux fur scarf: Scarves are always great things for layering in the winter, and if you are not fond of real fur for obvious reasons, there are some great faux fur items that you can buy in scarves. Faux scarves are easy on the pocket, and therefore, you can own endless styles and designs for your own collection. While layering, add your favourite colour with any pullover, trench coat or jacket.

The fat woolly cardigan

The fat woolly cardigan: The cardigan is a winter asset that every girl should have, and the woolly cardigan is the perfect item that can be used for layering with almost anything. There are numerous designs, but when it comes to creating the winter appeal, you need that cardigan that is heavy and can offer you the right comfort. Woollen cardigans from known brands can be expensive, but owning a couple is like an investment for next five years.

The lovely poncho

The lovely poncho: Everyone loves the poncho for the fact that it is a winter special item that can be essentially varied and come in a number of styles. The nearest other option is also the cape, which is great and finds similar appeal. When it comes to layering, the poncho can work with tights, jeggings, and denims, with almost any tee or spaghetti underneath. The heavy ponchos are meant for warmth, so depending on where you stay, you can choose the fabric/wool.

The long sweater dress

The long sweater dress: Just like we have the summer dress, the sweater dress is also a classic you don’t want to miss by any chance. Sweater dresses are effective as a single item, but since we are talking of layering here, you can pair this item with your very favourite long socks and ankle boots. Sweater dresses are great to be paired with scarves and hats, as well, so you might want to take a chance.

The oversized flannel shirt

The oversized flannel shirt: The flannel shirt can be readymade and stitched as per your needs, and you can own any colour to be layered with your favourite tee, spaghetti or even a top of your choice. The flannel shirt works as a layering piece for the light winters when you don’t want too many heavy woollen items. So, before the spring arrives, you can turn into the casual college diva that looks perfect with the white tee, especially when you are wearing a bright shade in the shirt. Wear your favourite denim or jeggings for the perfect match!

Get started with the right layering choices for the season, and probably, you will find some need for shopping!

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