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The Fashion Rules to Keep Aside in 2015- Part 2

If you have followed the first part, you already know that we are trying to break a few rules to make some new style statements in 2015. We are taking the same series ahead with some more ideas you might just want to grab right away.

Go the complete black way

Go the complete black way: In many ways, the fashion police have been strict with the one all colour themes, and the two colours that have been almost under the scanner are black and white. However, if you think that black is boring, take a challenge to get in the all black mode for a change in 2015! There are two aspects and goodness of ‘all black’ look. First one is certainly the way you can waive off a few extra kilos with ease, and secondly, the black theme works for the casual days with ease, and you don’t need to try very hard to get the look right.

Wear jumpsuits no matter what

Wear jumpsuits, no matter what: Sometime back, we had mentioned that jumpsuits look good when you have your height in favour, but that’s not always a rule to be with. Short girls too can wear one piece clothing and jumpsuits with the same, except for some changes to the attitude of dressing. The first rule is to add a nice pair of accentuating heels, while the next thing to do is to crop off the leggings part of the jumpsuit to the extent that your ankle is visible. This is the simplest way to add some height to the look. To avoid the glare on the jumpsuit alone, you can also add a layering item, such as your favourite blazer.

Go ahead, mix the prints

Go ahead, mix the prints: Mixing prints have been long counted as one of the major fashion mistakes, but that has changed in recent times for good. Today, mixing prints for the summer or any season of the year is a matter of style and how you approach to make things work. From matching closer print to mixing a couple of bold prints, everything can be extremely fun as long as you take the right balance. When you are keen on using more than one print, the idea is to limit the details, so avoid using unwanted accessories and stick to the basics.

Play with two animal prints

Play with two animal prints: There is no denying that two animal prints can be quite clashing, and it takes some fashion daring to mix two prints. If you love the leopard print and had always wanted to try a mix, this can be a new year to break the rule. Get ahead with the kind of animal print you like and match the colours right for the max appeal. You can choose to play safe by adding black to the look. So, if you are wearing a nice animal print blazer, wear a black tee and use another print for the handbag for a quick balance.

We hope we have given you some real hints on what may be your choice of offbeat style for this year!

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