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The Fascinating Wedding Gown Trends from Fall 2015

A fall wedding is probably the best thing that can happen to a bride! After all, you can look your best and arrange the wedding for almost any location without worrying much about the sun and sweat. As the fall season starts, let’s find more on some of the best trends in wedding gowns and bridal outfits. Read on as we uncover some great ideas from fall 2015 collections with ideas on making the most of these trends.

The amazing V-neck

The amazing V-neck: Yes, the deep and plunging necklines are not merely stunning, but they looked sensuous as ever! If you wanted a wedding that would let you flaunt without crossing the barriers, think of this as one of the best trends to follow. What you may notice is the fact that the designers, who opted for the deep V-neck, kept other things quite subtle. Some of the collections worth checking include Dennis Basso, Angel Sanchez and Naeem Khan.

Adding outerwear

Adding outerwear: Wedding is all about customs and probably a few golden rules, but designers didn’t want to keep that for the brides, to say the least. Outerwear for the wedding gown looks like an idea that can go totally wrong, and yet, we have some great surprises. Starting from jackets to cropped blouses to top the gown, there were many things to get inspired. The thing is to know where to draw the line, so that you can keep a balance between the choices. Designers to check include Inbal Dror, Modern Trousseau and Victoria Kyriakides.

The style of the cut-out

The style of the cut-out: Cut-outs for the wedding gown! Yes, even that has been something to watch on the runways this fall. Many fall 2015 gowns had those cut-outs, some of which were even given a cover with lace to balance the look. However, it only takes a little gut to try some of the designs seen at Angel Sanchez, Leanne Marshall, and Anne Barge. A small thing to note here is the use of lace, which can itself be a trend to watch for. When you want to show off a bit, you don’t need to go the ‘dare to bare’ way, but a little addition of lace can do the trick.

Adding the feather

Adding the feather: Summer 2015 was probably a lot about banal choices, and therefore, we saw sneakers, 70s retro styles and even the gingham while in wedding gowns, there were use of colours. Come fall, and we have more interesting ideas, including use of feathery looks. Such ideas can be spotted in collections of Naeem Khan, Aria and Nicole Miller. Make sure to experiment a bit with the length of the gown, and you will find many ideas worth trying.

Wishing you a great fall wedding!

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