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The extravagant heels collection from Mollini

At the Met Ball event, supermodel Coco Rocha was seen in a pant suit. The attire was acquired by her from the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe, and she completed the look with pink colored hair and matching strappy sandals in pinkish red. Her look was utterly dramatic and much different from what others looked like at the event. What was evident in her dressing is the delightful use of smart and bright colors that added a lot of drama. Her shoes were same as the one produced by Mollini. Mollini is popular Australian brand, and if you love wearing heels in different styles, there’s no way you can escape the Mollini collection. What sets this brand class part from others in its range is the collection that spreads in varied branches.

In the high heels collection of Mollini, you will find the model Owobs that’s same as the one adored by Rocha at the event. You can check the Fuchsia color, which looked stunning on the model. As mentioned earlier, this Australian brand is all about finding the right blend of style in varied models. In the high heels, you will come across models such as Catlin, Babydoll and Galena, which are models in black designed for the sophisticated woman. While the former is more for formal occasions, the other two are perfect for you to wear at work. If love bejeweled heels, you can check the model Queen that comes in two classy colors.

In the past few years, the trend of wearing footwear with floral styling is catching up. Two models from Mollini that offer you that kind of looks are Gorgie and Officers. While in Gorgie you can find pasted florals, Officers is a model designed in printed with small floral motifs. As we said, the idea is to add a little drama to every outfit, and these models do just that. Dual colored heels are also a rage with fashion experts. You can find many celebrities, such as Emma Watson, adoring heels in dual colors. However, for the dramatic look, you need to look for models that come with contrast shades. Check the models from Mollini such as Mellissa, Holymoly and Starnight that come in some classy contrast shades, to suit your dramatic outing needs. The best part is you can team the pair with two different dresses, ensuring you don’t look repetitive.

If you are looking for wedges that don’t trip you, you can try the wedges collection from Mollini that comes in some classy shades. You can find some dual toned models such as Summers, Retrons and Frenzie. While the model ‘Summers’ is just apt for the sunny days, Rentrons is your classy choice for the winters and pre fall outfits. Another model that deserves a mention in dual toned wedges is Cruz that offers a weaved-look. All models from Mollini are priced decently, and you can smartly shop for each model on their official outlet or can buy through various popular shopping portals. You will fall in love with the large collection.


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