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The Best Trend Picks from London Fashion Week – Final Part

In the first part on our exclusive coverage on London Fashion Week, we had covered a few details of this legendary fashion event and some of the best spotted trends. Taking the same series ahead, we will now take a close look at some of the best fashions that are worth stealing from the runways. Much before we have the aggregate trends for spring 2016, here is the best from London Fashion Week.

Return of the tie belts

Return of the tie belts: Last year in spring, we had some amazing obi belts that made a major statement at some of the best shows, and the overall frenzy continues as we see the tie belts that have been extensively used at many shows of London Fashion Week. The idea is very simple – Just go with the flow and highlight the waist! After all, who doesn’t want to flaunt the waist in style? If you are looking for some inspiration, designers to check include David Koma, Christopher Raeburn and Paul Smith. The best part is the easiness in carrying this trend. You don’t need to spend a fortune to use the idea, and it works for most places, including workplace.

For the passion of white

For the passion of white: We just mentioned in the last post how black has emerged as the new pastel, and this time, we will talk of white, which got new textures, adding variety to the summer dress. From the use of sheer material to more heavy lace, there was so much material on the runways that one just couldn’t take the eyes off. If you haven’t shopped for a little summer white dress for the longest time, spring 2016 has plenty of choices. Some of the designers to check include Emilio de la Morena, Christopher Raeburn and Bora Aksu. With white, you can get a lot more experimental, and in all likeliness, this will pay off!

Outwear for summer

Outwear for summer: Well, that’s the best takeaway from London Fashion Week. Many of the designers decided to play with the idea of outerwear for spring and summer, creating light but unique pieces that probably can be considered essentials. Cape-like designs were seen all over the place, and there is something for every girl. Keep in mind that this is not your regular outerwear, so it might be a good idea to look for a designer piece, especially if you want to make this special. Some of the designers to check for this very exclusive trend include Burberry, Eudon Choi and Ashish.

Finally, a special mention about the amazing white shirt which emerged quite like a winner for spring 2016! You may like something as simple as seen with designer like Thomas Tait and Mother of Pearl, or you can go for a formal look as with Margaret Howell- there’s a lot to love with the interpretations of the classic! Start with your spring shopping bucket with this list, and we will soon have more on the list from other major fashion events around the globe. Happy shopping for the spring!

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