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The Best Three Shades Of Spring 2015

Being a fashionista is never easy, and if you are keen on finding new styles and creating fresh looks for seasons of the year, the best idea is to go for the play between layering, colours, prints, hemlines and textures. In this series of fashion styles, we are talking of the ways to best spring shades for 2015, with an eye on what’s currently trending in the fashion squares, especially taking cues from spring runways. Check the tones and shades for the current season that have been assorted for you to pick and style.

Welcome the military green

Welcome the military green: Undoubtedly, the colour of the season is definitely military green, moving way beyond the Spring 2014 collection of pastels. The sharp move can be contributed to a few of the prominent designers, including Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Jason Wu. For Spring 2015, you will be wearing a lot of the army green, with some twists of course. The looks were essentially more basic, easy on the eyes, and given that suede has been the fabric of the season, some designers have played with the idea quite well.

Blush with Pink

Blush with Pink: Pastel pink has a soft element to it, but for this season, it is all about new ways to interpret the colours. There’s Stella McCartney who came up with a pink shade that we can vouch for, and also other designers that you might want to see include Hermes and Balenciaga. From neat cuts to simple flowing fabrics, the beauty of the pretty pink has gone to new heights. Most of the looks were more about the colour than accessories, so the idea is to let the attention go to the outfit, rather than accenting accessories.

Blue is the new black

Blue is the new black: Apart from army green that is easily the best shade for Spring 2015, the new age shades also includes different tones of blue, making it the new black. Seen at Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Chloé and Edun to name a few, the blue for this season is again going back to one colour and monochromatic tones, which is all about being minimal in everything. The navy blue also does wonders to the silhouette, so if you are keen on wearing black for trimming the overall shade, blue will not disappoint you either!

We have talked about how the single shade looks are great this spring, so if you are looking to blend your favourite shades, the best idea is to go for colours that define the trends but with subtlety. Try layered pieces in the same shade or go for one of the shirtdresses, which have been spotted in almost every collection this year. Thankfully, the best Spring 2015 hues are wearable, so you don’t really need to worry about being at work. Also, some of the colours are muted in many interpretations, and experimentation shouldn’t be hard! If you are not a fan of gingham or haven’t followed the coming of chokers this spring, surely these colours can keep it minimal!


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