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The Best Street Style Ideas for Spring 2015 – Part 1

Spring summer runway trends are known to one and all by now. We know how the gingham and the flared legged denims ruled the summer collections in 2015, but do styles end there? Well, the street styles have a lot more that can be checked for some inspiration. We are putting together a very special series, where we will be talking of some of the best designs and styles that are inspired from the girls on the street. The street styles and elements we will talk about are meant to help in getting more glamour for less. Take a look below!

Employ some glitter

Employ some glitter: Remember how some of the designers had used glitter for spring 2014? Well, we had Lanvin doing an entire collection on metallic looks. Well, sequins are here to stay, at least that’s precisely what most of the experts believe. Street girls are wearing sequin to add a pinch of cool summery effect to the boring tees and sweaters, and the look is worth swearing for. That’s something you would want to experiment with and get the best deal from some of the online stores on cheap tops and materials.

Go the faded

Go the faded: Among the best spotting on the streets was the coming of the faded shades, which make for an amazing colour palette. You can find faded colours like gray and beyond in most stores, and that’s the freshest way to avoid being in black and floral for the spring. Faded colours are soft and have this easy going appeal about them, and that’s something most girls want on a casual day, when formal isn’t the demand of the hour. Faded colours are simple, and you can find one in the colour you love the most.

Fashion with fringes

Fashion with fringes: One more way to look boho without investing too much! The fringe element in clothing, shoes and sling bags can be a good way to look a little more different from the crowd. Many girls are going this style swear by the fact that wearing fringe isn’t tough at all. In fact, we can experiment with colours, prints and more. If you don’t like the complete fringy look, don’t worry- even a trim or small hint can work in the right way too! If not clothing, then sling bags and other smaller handbags can be an easy bet. Think of the round bags spotted for spring 2015!

Knee high shoes are backKnee high shoes are back: We all know how the gladiators have ruled the shoe choices for spring 2015, but what’s more interesting is the way the common fashionista is interpreting it. A lot of the styles on the streets had to be about knee high shoes, often in boot style or as a cut-out design. Start thinking of new shades and don’t get too many things in the look, especially when the shoes are meant to grab attention. Play everything else in simple mode and get that pair of killer shoes.

Happy styling! We have more in the next post!

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