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The Best Spring 2016 Trends From Paris Fashion Week! Part 1

In the last few posts, we have done quite a bit of the amazing spring trends. We talked of the trends that made major impact, and we also did write about the best trends from London Fashion Week SS16. As always, viewers and readers never cease to amaze us, and keeping all the requests in mind, we are all set to get cover the Paris Fashion Week in detail. Before we talk of the trends from spring 2016, let’s first go through a small check of this incredible fashion event.

What’s Paris Fashion Week?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know by now that the Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year, with spring-summer collections and autumn-winter collections. The French Fashion Federation decides the dates for the twin seasons, but mostly, the spring collections are showed in September. Apart from the ready-to-wear collections, there are also haute couture shows that garner eyeballs. The first event was held in the year 1973, and it is among the four major fashion weeks with other three being London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week respectively.

With all those small facts, here are the best spring summer 2016 trends from the coveted fashion week!

Plaid all the way

Plaid all the way: If gingham ruled spring 2015, it will be the plaid all the way for 2016. Amazingly classic and yet refreshing at the same time, plaid looks great one and all. Also, this is among the versatile trends for sure, so there’s a lot that you can experiment. There is so much to love about plaid that anyone can probably fall for something that’s seen on the runways, and in case you are looking for names, the best ones were seen at Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, and John Galliano. Keep an eye for colours, which give away a lot of hints as what you can experiment with.

Denim back again

Denim back again: There is nothing like versatile denim- effective, unique and utilized in so many ways! For spring 2016, you will see a lot of changed denim looks, starting from simple cuts to more structured dresses. Many designers have worked with printed denims, while others used unique styles of cuts and embellishments. The best can be checked in the collections of Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Paul and Joe to name a few. Again, this can be your DIY project of the season, so make sure to experiment.

Again the asymmetrical neckline

Again the asymmetrical neckline: Spring trends can be predictable to some extent, but when it came to the asymmetrical neckline, many designers played with a number of different ideas. From shoulder cuts that show off the skin in style to more unique use of colours and textures, the looks for spring were varied for every single girl. If you are someone, who likes to invest in one high-end fashion stuff every season, you might want to check the collections of Elie Saab, John Galliano and Isabel Marant to name a few.

Check this space for more!

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