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The Best Shoe Trends from Spring 2016 – Revealed- Part 1

We did a complete series on the best clothing trends for spring 2016, and ever since then, plenty of requests have arrived on doing a round-up for the accessories. In response to the same, let’s talk of some of the best trends and ideas in shoes that have been picked up from the spring 2016 shoes. We take a close look at what ruled the ramp, and as always, we have a few ideas for all our readers as how they can get the best of these concepts in their respective closet. Certainly, this is your ultimate guide for shopping for shoes next year!

More of silver

More of silver: The silvery bling was one of the best things to emerge for spring 2016, and we love the sheen and shine, which works in a very subtle way but adds a lot of glamour. From Gucci, Givenchy to Rodarte, there are quite a number of ideas that you can pick. The good thing is you don’t need to spend a fortune trying to get the trend, but these kinds of shoes are available in plenty on online shoes. While you may have to choose between designs, the essence of the concept remains the same.

Retaining the sneakers

Retaining the sneakers: Sneakers were one of the major statements in spring 2015, and nothing seems to have changed much. The white sneakers was what that ruled last year, but this year, we have quite a few varieties to look for. Designers to check include Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. A special mention must be made for a pair spotted at Tommy Hilfiger, where they have just reinvented the concept of sneakers to something that’s more of a mix between a pair of sandals designed like sneakers.

Quirky boots

Quirky boots: When it comes to boots, we all have a few classics in mind, but for spring 2016, designers chose to redefine the idea to a whole new level with plenty of western elements. The new designs are all about innovations, and for that alone, we have reasons to thank the top fashion houses. If there has to be one pair that you shop from a designer outlet, this can be the trend you can root for. Designers to check include Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Derek Lam. The variety in each of the collections is also something that is worth checking, given that there are so many choices for all occasions.

Uniqueness rules

Uniqueness rules: The new-age footwear is edgy, effective and in a never-seen-before style, and there are so many designer ideas that it is rather hard to pick one. Every designer used a different approach and the hardware and concept are as unique as it can get. From the chunky heels seen at Proenza Schouler to unique designs at Maison Margiela and feathery designs at Valentino, there is something for every brand lover. Again, you may not find these amazing shoes in the local outlets, and it makes sense that you start saving to shop a pair.

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