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The “Best of Spring” – The Best Handbags from Spring 2017 – Part 4

We have been covering everything for you under our “Best of Spring” series. If you followed our blog, you probably have seen some amazing posts on shoes, makeup, and clothing. We intend to take the series ahead with some more trends, and this time, it will be just about handbags. A great handbag can be a big mood uplifting accessory, and thankfully, spring 2017 had some good surprises and a few classics that made a way back to the runways. In this post, we will pick the essential trend and add a few fun suggestions for great styling. Let’s get started right away.

Clinched it

Clinched it: If you love handbags to be less formal, this is a trend that makes the most sense. Clinching bags were designed to be casual and have a fun vibe, which make them ideal for the summers. There are so many colours, trends, and ideas to play with, and most of the leading designers had their own take on the concept, offering more styles than ever. This is also one of the new trends on the block, especially if you enjoy experimenting with cuts and shades. We insist that you take a look at Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Derek Lam and Marc Jacobs for a few ideas. If you look at online stores, you may find a style closer to this one, without paying a fortune.

Handled smartly

Handled smartly: Designers and major fashion houses seem to have an obsession with handles. From circles to embedded and designer elements, there were so many new kinds of bag handles for the season. This is one of those high-street styles, which is bound to return to the runways again. The good thing is you don’t need to stick to one kind of style. While shows of Chloé and Givenchy had circle handles for their bags, Michael Kors and Miu Miu played it subtle with a similar style, without being too obvious. You can also check Louis Vuitton for this style. These handbags are best when you aren’t looking for a heavy-duty handbag for the day time.

Tiny girl

Tiny girl: Extremely small and tiny handbags were a rage for spring 2017 runways, probably because girls often prefer style over simple functionalities. We loved the amazing ideas that came to the runway from Akris, Céline, Chloé, Coach and Hermes. These are small handbags, often can be called clutches too for the small size, which are meant to add more elements to the entire look. The trend is fresh and surely one of those things that you would end up using more than often. Look for brighter colours or elements like embellishments and fringe for more uniqueness. You also check a few of such trends at Tod’s, Versace, and Valentino, as well. Storing your phone and a lipstick wouldn’t be easier than this.

Hope you found this post helpful, and in the next one, we have some more handbag trends listed just for you. Keep an eye on this space! Happy styling for the spring!

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