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The “Best of Spring” – More Jewellery Trends from Spring 2017 Collections – Part 8

In our last post, we were talking of the “Best of Spring” jewellery. That post started with statement neckpieces and ended in unique chunk handcuffs. Going by the norm, spring seems to be quite edgy for 2017. Most of the trends were like a unique idea that needed a quick check. If you had enjoyed the last post, we are here with some more. This time too, we are focused on jewellery, focusing more on the other things apart from statement ideas. After all, we all need a little extra balance in the closet. Let’s get started.

Choker minimalism

Choker minimalism: In our last post, we were talking about the extreme use of chokers in the last few seasons and how the trend has been replaced with statement neckpieces for spring 2017. However, we are proud to report that minimalistic chokers are still around. In fact, only a few names like Céline, Dior and Versace worked with the concept without too much drama. These are simple chokers that make a cut for being extremely easy. You can wear one with the summer dresses and the pantsuit with the same kind of ease. After all, styling is all about simple things on some days!

Ear cuffs for the lady

Ear cuffs for the lady: Not everyone is fond is regular statement earrings, and for them, this trend is surely a better pick. At shows of Jil Sander, Courrèges, Saint Laurent, and Maison Margiela among others, the ear cuff was a big statement. Cuffs for the season were all about unique elements and big designs, which never matched or resembled in terms of style or symmetry. In fact, you could be trying something totally offbeat from one of the online stores. From rhinestone inspired designs to more boho options, there was something or the other for everyone. Cuffs look best when used on one side, but you can pretty much take the trend ahead with mismatched ear cuffs on both sides – the choice is yours.

Sequined statements

Sequined statements: Sequin neckpieces in fabric material were one of the major highlights of Lanvin, Kenzo and Nina Ricci, and we surely love the idea. This is one of those trends that don’t look over the top and can be a great way to highlight a dress. There were earrings, as well, and if you cannot find the idea in your local mall, this can be a complete project in itself. You can create a whole range of ideas and styles to match your personal style, and since we are working with sequined fabrics, you can choose to work with other colours than the ones used by these designers. These neckpieces work perfectly for parties and evening gowns, and you can also team them with regular summer dresses for a quick statement.

Hope you found the post fun and worth a read. For the final post of this series on jewellery, we have some more surprises for you. After all, style is all about playing your game in the way you like. We are just inspiring you for the better!

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