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The “Best of Spring” – Finding the Trends in Handbags from Spring 2017 – Part 6

We are back with spring trends yet again. In the last two posts, we talked of the spring 2017 handbag ideas that made a lasting impression. Taking the route ahead, we have some more trends from the season. We will talk of the best things that designers had to talk about, and as always, we will have some great tips that will help in better styling. After all, we will deserve the right shot at fashion. With much ado, let’s get started.

Attached love

Attached love: If you like your handbags as funky accessories, this trend is meant just for you. The whole idea is to add more attachments to the regular handbags, which add a lot of extra elements and style. At some of the shows, like that of Rebecca Minkoff and Fendi, the attachments were in form of fur balls, while at Altuzarra and Maison Margiela, the designs were about mixing quirky elements. You can also check Versus Versace, Lanvin and Coach. The best part of this trend is the fact that you don’t need to invest in high-street fashion right away. You can but extra attachments and add it to the regular handbags. Just make sure that you experiment with the options, to include things like tassels, balls, special characters and features.

Fringe is back

Fringe is back: Another classic that makes way to the runways again! Tassels and fringe elements were extremely in demand on the runways, and we hope to see more of it in the fall 2017 collections too. Fringe works like a perfect element for handbags, especially when you want a boho vibe to the entire look. On the other hand, tassels are great when you don’t wish to go overboard with the idea. There were three top shows where the trend was seen – Elie Saab, Coach and Giorgio Armani. If you are looking for low cost options, you can check the online stores, where you will find a lot of budget fringe handbags. Take a shot at colours beyond the leather shades like black and brown, and you will have an essential for every summer.

Chain straps

Chain straps: Well, this is one of the major comebacks of the season too. Chain straps have been ruling fashion squares for years now, and the trend doesn’t seem to get boring for now. For spring 2017, there was quite some variety to look for. Apart from the basic chain straps, many designers/houses like John Galliano also worked with excessive chains for the same bag, adding more style and elements, while others like Bottega Veneta worked with minimalistic straps in chains. Some of the other shows where you can spot this trend include Versace and Mulberry, while one can also check Chanel to find more simple chained looks. These handbags can be used for formal and informal occasions with the same ease, making them more functional.

In our next series, we will look ahead to more options for spring, ahead of handbags. Stay with us, and you will find everything you need for spring 2017.

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