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The Best of Fall 2017 – Top Jewellery Trends – Part 1

In our series on Fall 2017, we have covered a lot of things, including clothing and shoes. Before we go back to the basics again, this is just the apt time of think of accessories. In this post, we will uncover some of the best trends in jewellery. Fall 2017 had quite a few surprises, some of which are interesting and practical at the same time. Without much ado, let’s get started! Besides these trends, we as always have also added styling tips here are there.

Go for recycling

Go for recycling: A few distinguished brands and designers went for the fun style of recycling. They used all sorts of unused stuff to create new jewellery pieces that clearly send a message. You will find a whole range of options in the top collections of Balenciaga and Prada. Like DIY projects? This is something that you can try without spending a dime. Take out your paint brushes and fabric colours and give your old jewellery a classic twist – recycling is the thing for the world, and we are surely vouching for it! You can also try making things from the scrap products around you!

Statement is here

Statement is here: Many labels, including Balmain, Moschino, Balenciaga, and Dior worked with monograms that worked like singular statements without too much fuss. We like this trend because it doesn’t give scope for imagination and makes the look pretty effective without trying hard. This idea is probably an extension of the trend we had spotted in clothing, where designers used brand initials for outfits. In fact, one could spot logo initials in shoes, as well. The good thing is you can easily get something cheaper on online stores, making this one of the more affordable trends. Don’t follow a brand? You can create your own, as well! These pieces will look better with formal clothes and outfits, given that there’s a sense of minimalism to the design.

Big, bigger, and biggest

Big, bigger, and biggest: Large statement party earrings were a thing on the runways. Seen at Céline, Miu Miu, Ellery, and Oscar de La Renta, it was all about adding that ‘bling’ element to party earrings in a big format. These are not your usual statement pieces, because these ooze style in many ways. From pieces that were directly inspired from geometric patterns to something more effective and simplified with stones, the choices were many and we believe that you can wear one to any party. Also, you will find more subtle or hyped options online stores too, especially if you are not keen on spending huge. With such accessories, you want the dress to be subtle and simple. If you are wearing stone earrings, you can go for darker colours like blue and black!

Hope you liked this post! In the next one, we have some more jewellery trends for you. Fall 2017 has packaged some great things together, and we promise that discovering these trends will us will be more fun than ever before. Keep an eye on this space for more next week!

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