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The Best New Trends from 2015 Worth Adopting- Part 2

As we have stated in the first part of the series, 2015 has some truly fresh trends, and it might be worthwhile to check the elements that are new on the block. Taking the same forward, here are some ideas that you might be interested in with ideas on wearing these trends.

Flared pants are back

Flared pants are back: Alright, there might be some debate that palazzos and flared pants are not just about 2015 because we have seen the trend coming to the forte since 2013 and even earlier. However, for this year, you will be seeing more flares this year. Get started with your very own custom designed pants, or there should be ample choices even in the online choices.

Clean denims are here

Clean denims are here: The new age denim is tremendously simple and highly classy, and we love the way the blue has been retained in its classic and original style. If you are buying high end designer denims, make sure to go by the simplicity and essence of colour. Straightforward designs will be around for some time, and this also leaves the scope for further DIY projects when you are bored of the same old style. There were designs in the ragged style, so you might just use your scissors later.

Go the dramatic way

Go the dramatic way: Boho looks have been spotted in most of the designer looks, so you might want to ditch the plain Jane looks for a few days. The fabrics and cuts this year have been loose, effective and dramatic to say the least, so the sharp attires can be on the backseat for some time. You can wear a loose maxi dress and make it go all sexy with a statement belt around the waist.

Platform is the new cool

Platform is the new cool: Platforms have been around for the longest time, but it certainly lifts the spirit of 2015 in many ways. Most designers have played with platform styles in many ways, and in some cases, the heels have gone from basic to high, so you have ample to experiment. We are likely to see platforms making way for the fall winter trends 2015, where we might get those ankle and high boots with platform heels. For girls, who have been wary of the high heel stilettos, this can be well be a good replacement, with comfort ensured.

Welcome the IT bag

Welcome the IT bag: The IT bag is the new cool style on the block and there are ample designs that are available even in the modest mall stores. You will so find some good designs on online stores, and the good thing is the utility level, which remains consistent. So, you can put your essentials, phone and tablet and get going.

A special mention about circle bag trends that came in form of clutches, shoulder bags and coin purses! We love the trend because we are sure of its presence off the runways because of the style quotient it offers. Get started with the shopping list and include the best choices that suit you!

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