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The Best Handbag Trends from Spring 2016- Part 1

After covering the amazing trends from London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week for spring 2016, we also covered the best shoes and accessory trends. Of course, we also got a number of requests for other collections, but most readers were pretty much interested in knowing the best handbags for spring. As always, we like to take your requests, and therefore, we have compiled the best trends of spring 2016, exclusively for handbags. Here are some of the best ideas worth stealing. Please do note that we are doing a series as usual, so keep an eye on this space for more updates.

The special clutches

The special clutches: This has to be the best trend of the season. For spring 2016, many designers have opted to go for clutches, which resemble a number of different everyday objects. From clutches look like dogs and pizzas to even some weird things, there were too many ideas that you can pick. Honestly, if there has to be one thing that should be designer in your closet, this trend is worth the time. Some of the designers that you can check include Kate Spade, Jeremy Scott, and Betsey Johnson among others.

Back with fringe

Back with fringe: Another trend which makes a comeback this season is fringe. While fringe was also a major trend for spring 2015, there were some tweaks in the current season. This includes use of bright colours, textures and much more. Some collections, including that of Tory Burch, had only fringe as the main highlight, so there’s a lot that one can aim with this classic idea. If you are looking for ideas that are beyond the basics, you can check Christian Siriano, Badgley Mischka and Monique Lhuillier. Fashion tip: You can pretty much do the same trick with fringe handbags in the closet, so in a sense, this trend doesn’t really demand money.

Welcome the fanny bag

Welcome the fanny bag: It has been a while that the fanny bag came in the spotlight on runways, but thanks to a few designers, we have some great things to check. What’s even good is the fact that there are quite a few changes in the classic, so apart from regular colours, you have use of graphics and elements that accentuate the beauty of the handbag style. Again, there are too many designers that you can check for this idea, but the names that made the most impact include Sandy Liang, Ground Zero and Baja East. Wrap it around the waist or look for something that creates a fun impact on any look- the choice in yours. Should you go for designer stuff? Well, the call is personal, but if you want to do things on your own, just go for a regular fanny bag and create a crafted version of the same over the weekend.

Hope you found a few choices for spring 2016, and in the next pose, we promise to go deep in handbag trends and the things that you can buy right away for the season!

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