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The Best Handbag Trends for Fall 2013

Well, we have written and talked a lot about the trends for the fall season, and it’s time to check some more important things. Handbags are always imperative part of your complete look, and based on our research, we bring you the most exciting trends that will help in investing for fall handbags.

Shoulder Bag

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The long strap shoulder bag: Shoulder bags with a long strap are excellent ways to get styled up in the casual way. You can choose single colours, but designers suggest on getting more versatile and varied with the colours, textures and layers. While Marc Jacobs came up with some unique blends of colours and prints, Emilio Pucci seemed to be in love with block shades.


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The hobo: For those who love the hobo style, this is what they must be looking for. Just like tote, hobos can be large enough to store everything you need. The colours are just spectacular, and among the most common names that seemed to focus on the style include 3.1 Phillip Lim.


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The pouch: Easily the most likeable trend in handbags for the fall of this year, the pouch has something to offer to all kinds of fashion lover. Check for the stylish and posh pouch from Burberry Prorsum or simply soft clutch style from Proenza Schouler. There are choices hard to ignore!

Envelope Clutch

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The Envelope Clutch: The envelope clutch is something that is more about making a comeback. Sometime back, the oversized clutches came back in vogue but the beauty of a compact envelope clutch is hard to ignore. Brands that have invested in the style include Valentino and Givenchy.

Duffel Bag

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The duffle style: Love the beauty of the duffle? Now have one for the fall season with maximum space to store everything. From Alexander Wang to Alexander McQueen, the duffle seems to be the hottest thing on the block for all the good reasons. Duffle works perfectly for the work culture and can be a great choice when you are dealing with too many things. Organized and truly in vogue.


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The tote bag: If you have loved the large clutches that made mark on the runways time and often, you must also consider the tote, which is a perfect roomy item to have everything. Totes have a very unique functional aspect to them, and there are styles that can match any look, outfit or style statement. For the fall 2013, Givenchy seemed to show more on posh tote, while there are some excellent timeless designs from Prada. What you want is your choice, but tote is definitely the handiest item of the season.

Elongated Bags

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Elongated designs: Bags that go more in the length and less in width have something very classy about them, and that’s the reason they have been brought back on the runways. There are brands like Valextra, Ralph Lauren, and Hermès with many designs in such styles, and the looks are just too good to avoid.

Start shopping for handbags for the fall and check as many styles mentioned above as you can!

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