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The Best Footwear Picks For Fall 2012 Haute Couture

If you are a follower of Haute Couture fashion styles and take a keen interest in the runway shows that keep viewers raving, you are certainly one of those who live and eat fashion and style. The fall shows of 2012 Haute Couture genre left us wanting for more with those well styled and flowing gowns and extremely smart and nifty design elements. Most of us gaze at those startling gowns and dresses but seldom pay attention to the footwear. When you start looking at the creative footwear that is covered under those long gowns, you will find many reasons to patronize and approve of our favorite designers. Check some of the most startling shoes that made heads turn during Fall 2012 shows in Haute Couture.

Maison Martin Margiela Boots

Maison Martin Margiela: Well, when you glance at these beastly shoes, you may not find anything interesting, but this is something you might have not seen in the genre for some time. This black pair of boots made of leather (it seems so) reaches just above the ankle, but what sets it apart is the nice golden heel that makes it stand tall in the crowd of golden shoes. If you are not fond of extremely conventional styling, this one can be the right one for you.

Vauthier Couture Gold Lace Booties

Alexandre Vauthier: This designer particularly stunned us with his fall couture gowns as he managed to create a much needed balanced between the colors of gold and white. This particular footwear is clear evidence how the clear plastic has been accentuated with golden laces to bring vibrancy to the color of gold. Obviously, what made the footwear truly stunning is the right size of the heel that gave the sophisticated look with the feeling of being ‘over the top’.

Iris Van Herpen Couture Shoes

Iris Van Herpen Iris: Van Herpen was all about futuristic ideas when he came up with his couture collection for the fall of 2012. Frankly speaking, there is everything that you will look in bold and out of the box models. Those fierce 8 nails surely are worth killing for, and obviously, if you can think of something that is innovative and not as pretty as other things in the Haute Couture shows, Van Herpen will surely bring a lot of surprise for you.

Chanel Steel Capped Shoes

Chanel: Let’s admit it that Chanel is one brand that brings the best of footwear with something new to check every season. Their haute couture collection for fall of 2012 was more about metal capped boots rather than something completely feminine. From using black leather to complete satin shoes in red, what made the footwear from Chanel special was the way they used steel and metal accents. If there is some award for innovation with traditional designs, this brand will certainly win the round.

While these are our top four picks for Fall 2012 Haute Couture collections, there are many others that have made a mark. Jean Paul Gaultier too has an eventful year with some of his footwear making great noise among fashion loyalists.

Images Courtesy: [Beauty By Design]

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