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The Best Eco Fashion Brands at a Glance!

Fashion doesn’t always mean you have to hurt the environment or the animals. While most of the luxurious brands do have a few collections from time to time that are considered to be green and organic, there are other brands that only choose to go green. Here’s a take at some known and lesser known brands that are making a huge difference to the world, because they know what it means to be always eco fashion conscious.

Feral Childe

Alabama Chanin: If you are looking for an all-rounder brand, this brand based out of Florence, Alabama can be the right choice. There are choices of all kinds of dresses, including wedding dresses, along with lifestyle products, with each of the items handmade by the artisans. They only use organic and recycled fabrics and materials and work towards sustainability. Of course, everything you buy is a matter of style, and they take care of that, as well.

Feral Childe

Feral Childe: This brand brings the passion and art of duo Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson and comes off with amazing drawings and options. Each of the items you see are designed of sustainable fibres and made locally in New York. They take care of the production waste with amazing responsibility and ensure the remnants are donated to schools of sent for recycling. Not to forget, they make their products to order to prevent unwanted production and are open about their manufacturing techniques.

Carrie Parry

Carrie Parry: She is a designer from the very popular Central Saint Martin’s in London and has been bestowed with awards for unique pieces and timeless designs. All the products under her brand are made from environmentally-conscious materials and they make the most of the materials used. Common used ones are wool and tencel. If you are looking for designs and style, make her your true choice.


Loomstate: If casual style is what you are looking for, Loomstate is the right brand for you. They make for the masses and classes, and there are amazing pieces that are made from superbly eco-friendly techniques coupled with similar fabrics. Their production techniques don’t overuse water and reduce the manufacturing waste. Also, they have another collection worth mentioning that comes with the unique design and can be worn in five ways.



100%NY: Finally on our list is 100%NY, which is a known brand that keeps the urban and modern lady in mind. Their production process is designed to minimize waste up to 0%, which is great. They make the most of the organic and recycled materials and make their entire collection in New York, which is quite obvious! They have some good trousers and dresses in their collection, so make sure that you take a look.

If you loved our green post on fashion, please write in to us. In weeks to come, we are covering more on the eco-friendly fashion, because that’s the only way to make the world a better place. Keep thinking of nature and enjoy styling with the best brands and the most amazing designs.

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