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The Best Denim Hem Styles For 2015

Denims and the love for the amazing designs all through 2015 is something we all have talked about. Moving ahead, what creates a stunning pair of jeans? Well, more than the shade, it is often the hemline that does the most trick. Here is a close take at the best denim hemline styles that you can adopt, not just for the spring but beyond every season and for every reason.

Roll it up

Roll it up: Remember how you used to love rolling up the jeans during a stint by the beach? Well, that can well be the hemline style, where the idea is to roll up the sleeves all the way to the calf. That trend needs a bit of work here and there, and you have your own DIY project. If you check a few online stores, you might find denims that all seasons that can be just rolled up a bit for a quick stitch.

The torn denim

The torn denim: The fun and amazing style of frayed denim in minimalism is something that you can always try and succeed with. Again, you can do this on your own, but then most of the designer stores are experimenting with this look, so you might want to spend a bit. The trend looks good with the cropped denim ending below the calf, and you can complete the look with a nice white top for that cool summer feel.

The off-duty hem

The off-duty hem: This hemline is for those who like it a tad messy. A pair of denims torn at the hems makes for a very simple and boho look. There is plenty of experimenting that you can do here, but then, it’s best not to ruin the pair by going too far. To complement the look, all you will need is a pair of high heels and amazing tops, showing off the right curves aesthetically.

Drag it well

Drag it well: You can use the denim pair of the wide legged design in that ultimate drag appeal. Make sure that you experiment with using the scissors a bit, and there is nothing like enjoying different designs. Drag designs add the right kind of vibes to the regular wide legged denims, which is the prime reason why some pairs look like such a bliss and relaxed. You can wear one to college or for a day out with the girls.

The patchwork effect

The patchwork effect: If you want a DIY project that can satisfy your needs, this can well be the one. Look for designer stuff where you can add a few patches in the classic style to the hem and create a new feel. You can try a layer of embellished and even more varied types of differently shaded denims. With the right kind of elements, the designs can be varied enough that you never get bored of the style. Think about the transition you will make with the same old school pair that you owned for years!

Have you picked the best hem for your favourite denim yet? Check for yourself!

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