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The Best Couture Gowns from Paris Fashion Week 2013

Paris Haute Couture Week is easily one of the most celebrated and awaited fashion events of the year, and every designer comes forward with his best possible designs. Couture gowns have something very famous about them- unparalleled glamour, and that’s the reason choosing a couture gown as favourite from all collections seems next to impossible. Taking a close look at cuts, designs, fabrics, patterns and trends and having a clear idea from the view of a regular fashion lover, we bring you the catchiest gowns from this extravagant fashion week.

1. Versace:

Versace Atelier

Ruling at number one on our list is Versace. The sensual appeal of any Versace couture gown for their fall 2013 collection is hard to miss. Letting a few peaks in what’s underneath, the collection is all about beautiful fabrics that are feminine, elegant but truly sensational. Certainly one of the best collections of the season to look forward.

2. Valentino:


Another label that every fashionista would love to wear and check, the Valentino is all about grace and glamour with a touch of suspense. The gowns from the Valentino Haute Couture fall 2013 is all about art and more art, making it possible to move out of the regular designs. Undoubtedly sophistication starts right here!

3. Giambattista Valli:

Giambattista Valli

If there is one designer you must check as a surprise for the season, it has to be Giambattista Valli. Exquisite and feminine, the flowing silhouettes ruled the gown designs. Using colours like yellow, which is certainly not your customary fall colour, this collection makes sure you have a lot to try for the fall season.

4. Elie Saab:

Elie Saab

Mesmerizing, enthralling and surprising, there can be endless adjectives for Elie Saab Haute Couture fall 2013 collection. Each of his couture gowns this season demands standing ovation because he creates beauty in ruby red scattered with sequins. For those looking for some sequin designs with a difference, they will have a lot to like here.

5. Zuhair Murad:

Zuhair Murad

One of the most stunning collections for the event came from Zuhair Murad. Nude shades and enchanting details made every gown a dream like sequence. Love the colours or even the smart flowing fabrics; there is so much to appreciate here.

6. Stephane Rolland:

Stephane Rolland

His black gown was a clear example how the fall colours can continue to surprise use. The entire collection of Stephane Rolland Haute Couture fall 2013 is about modern designs and classy appeal, and no wonders why this collection got so many rave reviews from fashion police.

7. Christian Dior:

Christian Dior

Dior Haute Couture fall 2013 gowns gave a sneak peek of how versatile a designer can go with every collection. With designs that are seductive and feminine, each of the gowns creates a statement that is hard to resist. From the colours to the shapes, everything is just perfect.

This is certainly not our only favourites from fall collections of Paris Haute Couture Week, because like every time, this event brings the best from the designers, showing matchless camouflage.

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