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The Best Accessories from Fall 2017 – Your Personal Trend List – Part 1

Style is all about your personal take on fashion, and at The House of Elegance Fashion, we celebrate the same. In our last few posts, we have been talking about a lot of things about fall 2017, and as we discussed the jewellery trends, we promised to include a series for accessories. So, we are back – This time it is all about accessories. Let’s find more about caps, handbags, jewellery and other funky things that can add more fun to your looks.

Capped for fun

Capped for fun: Well, it’s been long that we had caps ruling the runways. Some of the top shows, including that of Christian Dior, Loewe, Gucci, Maison Margiela, and Marni, had caps in different forms. The styles were completely different from each other. From apps with stick-on elements to fur designs, there was something unique in every show. This is a trend that we expect to repeat in months to come. Also, caps are particularly effective and functional for the fall. You can protect your head and ears from the steep cold temperatures and can style at the same time. Caps work particularly well with a lot of common outfits, including dresses, trench coats and skirts.

Dangle queen

Dangle queen: If you are not fond of statement neckpieces and those same style chokers, you can opt for big danger earrings. These are amazingly big and have a presence that cannot be denied. You don’t need to invest in expensive designs at all. Some of the online stores stock some amazing earrings, some of which are inspired from the regular brand ideas. Of course, you can always choose to play around with shapes and colours, depending on the styles you like. Need some inspiration? Check the collections of Alexander McQueen, Céline, Marc Jacobs, Maison Margiela and Marni. If you have the time, you can also create customized earrings, using two or more DIY pieces.

Glam shoes

Glam shoes: Every woman needs one pair of highly glamorous boots. Glam shoes work particularly well for all kinds of evening looks, including short dresses, trench coats, overcoats and skirts. These are not your regular tan boots, but these have different kind of add-ons, embellishments, unique cuts, shapes and much more. This is, basically, the version 2.0 of the classic fall boots. Some of the designers you need to check for this include Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Loewe, Miu Miu, and Mulberry. You can find similar styles online or in your local mall, as well. It can be a DIY project too. Just get a classic pair of one-colored boots and you can buy rhinestones, fake add-ons and craft items online easily. In terms of styling, you can wear one for work too, as long as the design is not particularly outrageous.

Hope you liked this post. In the next one, we have more accessories for you, and we expect to cover more of fall fashion ahead, as well. Keep an eye on this space, and don’t forget to share your views on our blog!

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