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The Best 9 Ways to Style a Shirtdress!

In one of our previous posts on Spring 2017 trends, we talked about the shirtdress and how it had emerged as one of the best picks for the season. Let’s start by saying that shirtdresses are inexpensive and can be purchased in many colours and styles. Also, one can find quite a few options in online stores, especially for formal getups, but what does it take to style a look? As the title already says, we are going to talk about the best fashion ideas for shirtdresses in particular!

Go denim

  1. Go denim: For a casual look, nothing works better than a denim shirtdress. The button-down effect works wonders for any girl, no matter her shape and size. Pick an option that’s simple and can be short and sweet at the same time. You can add a nice sling bag for quick effect.
  2. Add a jacket: Adding a jacket to your shirtdress is a great way of wearing it in the fall and winters. You can look for regular biker jacket in black or tan colour, which can be paired with almost any dress and design.
  3. Wear sneakers: When it comes to shoes, shirtdresses look best with casual slip-in sneakers You can pick a pair that’s completely in contrast with the outfit colour or can play with matching shades – the choice is yours.
  4. For the skinny denims: If your shirtdress is too small, you can wear it with a pair of skinny denims for a neat look. To add more dimensions to the entire idea, you can also add a nice belt or a simple hat.Mix it up
  5. Mix it up: Shirtdresses also look nice when matched with printed blazers and summer jackets. Most women have their reservations with regards to mixing prints. However, you don’t have to be in sync all the time. A stripped outfit can look pretty stylish with a regular floral jacket.Add it on
  6. Add it on: If you think your shirtdress is too simple for a fun day at work, you can choose to create a mixed look by adding accessories. Depending on the colour, you can add a scarf, a chunky statement neckpiece, a set of bracelets, or even a big & oversized bag.
  7. Take a sweater: We don’t support leather on this website, and therefore, if you don’t want that biker’s jacket, a simple sweater can be a fun pick. For the fall, it is best to team the regular white outfit with a nice sweater or cardigan. Make sure to look for a contrasting look.
  8. Add a button-down shirt: This is one of the best ways to style a shirtdress. Instead of trying too many accessories, you can choose to use a button-down shirt as a jacket replacement. This is the perfect summer idea and can work equally well for the light winters.Opt for leggings
  9. Opt for leggings: Don’t like your outfit over skinny denims? You can choose to get a pair of leggings. Leggings can slim down your legs and make you look leaner, which is a great thing for women on the plus side.

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