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The 8 Uber Cool Ways to Carry off Long Shorts in Style

Come summer, the desire to buy new shorts rises automatically. To wear long pants or denim in the scorching heat becomes a hindrance to comfort. Most girls choose to opt for short shorts to maintain their style quotient. However, this summer, long shorts are giving a tough competition to short ones, becoming increasingly popular among many and brands. Brands like J. Crew are coming up with more of long shorts to urge women to walk out of their comfort zone and try the new look. If the styling of long shorts is confusing, try one of the tips from below to find yourself amidst a sea of compliments!

For the Workaholic

For the Workaholic: Are you an office goer and need to look all professional? You can look quite formal in shorts too! Get yourself a pair of Bermuda shorts and tuck in that brand new crisp shirt into it. High heels and a bulky necklace will help you pull off the look even better.

For the bold one

For the bold one: Experiment with coloured shorts, bright ones. Summer is all about bright colours. Pair them with a single colour top. Slippers or crocs will go best with this look.

For the empty pocket one

For the empty pocket one: So you are totally broke and payday is far away. Don’t worry; you need not painfully wait for your salary to buy new shorts. If you have an old pair of jeans, you do not wear anymore, simply cut them into knee length and wear them as shorts. This would best go with a loose oversized top and a pair of flats for an overall chic look. Weekends should be spent in style, after all!

For the style-experimenter

For the style-experimenter: Wearing mixed and matched prints may initially make you feel apprehensive about its look. You may feel they might turn out into a disaster. But wearing stripes in pair with stripes of similar hue but different widths can be a good try. If you are still nervous, let you accessories be minimally neutral and classic.

For the office perfectionist

For the office perfectionist: Pantsuit to work can be quite uncomfortable in summers, so try out its shorter version instead. Fresh and youthful, it also is quite comforting.

For the nocturnal

For the nocturnal: Long shorts can be worn at a late night hang out too. A high waist knee-length short with a cool crop top can turn many eyes on you, be assured.

For the casual one

For the casual one: Slouchy shorts feel more chic when cut in classic patterns, especially stripes. Taking it a step further, style the shorts with a solid white top for a 10/10 look. Ideal for weekends and holidays!

For the monochrome colour fan

For the monochrome colour fan: If you are a fan of monochrome outfits, you can go all white. Wide leg long shorts with a simple white cotton t-shirt can be worn to all places, office, weekend brunch or picnic spot. For the best look, carry a black sling bag along.

Don’t immerse yourself in fashion anomalies, trying new is the new fashion! Say goodbye to short shorts and explore the styles of long shorts. Stay classy and stay in trend!

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