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Taking Cues from New York Fashion Week- Part 2

Welcome back on the series of small style ideas from New York Fashion Week, and this time, we move ahead of the teddy bear coat and the black high socks. Check some more ideas without paying big along with a few tricks on getting the looks right.

The bandana is cool

The bandana is cool: The bandana is easily among the best fashion accessories to own, and yet we haven’t seen much of it on the runways. This time, Wes Gordon used the bandana as a cool way to accessorize the overall look of a cocktail dress, making way for a stylish feel. The idea is very simple but the effectiveness is hard to ignore. What you may want is a matching style, but we insist that you try the printed versions, which look even better, no matter what kind of cocktail or summer dress you wear. Think of the brunch, where the bandana can be really cool.

Unusual colour mixes

Unusual colour mixes: Luxury colours like heavy pinks and violets, when matched together make for a perfect combination. There are some great ideas to experiment with this idea, although you can get a hint from the Honor Show at New York Fashion Week, where two very close and happening colours were mixed together via a dress and leggings. Again, this is a very fall worthy look because you don’t lose on the warmth of the look and have high dose of style at the same time.

Wear the slip dress out

Wear the slip dress out: The slip dress has always been an item that has been experimented with the most, and this time, Diesel chose to get the dress on the runway by adding a sweater. To be very precise, this is quite an old idea, but the way the designers have got the trend for the fall season by using the light knit sweater is certainly interesting. In that look, black on black is something that Diesel had made like a mandatory thing, and yet, there is always a lot of scope for experimenting with colours and materials.

Add the fur hat

Add the fur hat: In the last post, we have talked about how fur has become the biggest material for the fall of 2015, and the fur coat has already been discussed in detail. One more look from the New York Fashion Week that made headlines, at least for the fashion bloggers, is the combination of the fur hat with evening wear. The look was first spotted at Ralph Lauren, and if you want to get this one for a party, all you need to invest is on a good faux fur hat, which again is cheap when you buy from online stores. What may need more attention is the sequin dress, as more quality materials and cuts have a luxury appeal.

We hope you have found a few staples and ideas for the weeks ahead straight from the New York Fashion Week, and for more, keep an eye on the trending posts right here! Happy styling for the fall and beyond!

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