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‘Sweat’ing Out the Cold and Chilling in Style!

Hey everyone! Winter is officially here! Leaving a few winter haters who are a rare breed, the majority of people let this season fall in the list of their favourites. For many, it is the season of festivals and food, no baggy sweat and irritation felt. And many love this season because of the style it brings with it – the stylish jackets, the cool boots, the cute cardigans, etc. Here, we shall discuss a few stylish sweaters that women can wear and beat the chill in style.

The ones with the oversized style

The ones with the oversized style – Many people fail to notice the unique style that oversized garments have to offer. In the rush to wear fitted clothes, women often mistake oversized garments to be ‘not stylish.’ Whoever has the opinion that oversized clothes fail to look good has clearly never worn it the right way. So, this winter, trying pairing an oversized sweater with a pair of fitted jeans or skirt and see for yourself.

The ones with the prints

The ones with the prints – Printed sweaters are another amazing style to carry. With the collection of printed sweaters available, turn this chilly season into one stylish fashion event. Be it an Aztec print or a quote or your favourite cartoon, try pulling of a sweater with your favourite print and watch yourself fall in love with the chill even more.

The ones with the metallic colours

The ones with the metallic colours – These are perfect for the after-parties in the festive season. Given that winter is a season full of different occasions, we often find ourselves compromising with the style or our health as we do not have enough stylish over-clothes to cover us during the cold winter evenings of parties. This is where metallic sweaters come more than handy. Be it in a cocktail party after the office or a wedding invite to attend, a metallic sweater teamed with the right pair of bottoms and accessories are sure to make you the highlight of the party season.

The ones with the turtlenecks

The ones with the turtlenecks – Some call it retro, some call it evergreen. No matter what labels or how many, turtlenecks never go out of style. One can wear it oversized, or even choose a fitted one, turtlenecks do nothing but add style to your winter days, and how.


The one with the pastel shades – Sweaters with pastel shades are the best for the women who like maintaining a low key in their day to day lives. Muted shades exude their own charm and add to their own sense of beauty. For the ones who like to avoid the edginess and ‘shock’ factor in their style, these sweaters are the perfect choice. Also, one can never go wrong in a pastel shade in office, so these colours are a perfect choice for work and professional places.

Just go ahead and try some of these and you will not regret it. There are number of online portals selling sweaters in varied styles and budget. Give yourself a stylish makeover this season!

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