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Styling With Layers for the Summer- Part 2

Coming back to summer layering, we are talking of more ideas. Take your trends behind and try these cool hacks that make summer styling so much effective, and we tell you how to get all the different elements right!

Get a short sleeved jacket

Get a short sleeved jacket: Short sleeved jackets are often overlooked essentials, which mean if you don’t own one; it’s time to hunt one of the top stores. These jackets work well when you are not keen on too much warmth but need layering and strictly within limits. Remember how the cropped tops emerged in 2015 summers? Well, not everyone can afford to bare their midriffs, and that’s where these jackets can come handy.

Add a shrug

Add a shrug: Your vest like shrug can work like a cool piece for summer layering. You can add these easy shrugs, mostly made of comfort materials, to your regular tees and simple t-shirts. The idea can work in both ways, where you can add a colourful shrug to a monochromatic tee or can do vice versa, which looks equally chic. Vest like shrugs should be easy on the pocket, or you can choose to get one tailored for very low price.

Add a sheer-see-through sweater

Add a sheer/see-through sweater: When the spring breeze is bothering your fashion choices and you need some warm, the see-through sweater is just the right item to have. You can wear these sweaters over your regular camisole, bikinis or even strappy tops with the same ease, and the look can be killing to say the least. Just ensure that you are not wearing something heavy because as the day sets in, you might feel like taking the layers off!

Add a summer scarf

Add a summer scarf: Lightweight, stylish and in gorgeous prints, summer scarves work greatly for layering and looks cool even with limited trying. There are endless designs in the market, and you can even find some choices in the flea market. Keep in mind that the material and print tell a lot on the price, so be sure not to pick by what you find everywhere. Exclusivity can go a long way in creating the right appeal.

Add the blue denim jackets

Add the blue denim jackets: A majority of ladies out there consider the blue denim jacket to be a real staple for the layering days, and it even works for the summer with the same ease. Get going by opting to layer the tees and dresses with the jacket, and you can head almost anywhere without bothering on the match. What needs attention is the colour of the jacket, because blue denim works everywhere, but for other colours, care is essential.

Matching the sheer shirt

Matching the sheer shirt: Sheer shirts and tops can be worthy of all the attention, but if you don’t want to show off too much, you need a nice jacket that can work wonders. Simply complete the sheer look with a coat in the regular style, and the onlookers will be guessing on how you got that right. Don’t shy away from trying this at casual parties.

Happy styling!

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