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Styling Guide – Fun Ways to Make the Most of Shrugs!

Not all of us are blessed with toned arms. There are days when you would want to get that extra flab out of your look, and that isn’t easy. One of the smartest solutions is to get a shrug. Shrugs are easy to wear and extremely fashionable, and apart from being a fashion fix, shrugs work wonders when pair rightly. Since we are waiting eagerly for some of the best looks and trends from New York Fashion Week, we thought it would be a good time to do a styling guide. Here’s a list of tips for using shrugs the right way.

Black Shrug

You need a black shrug in your closet at all times. Apart from being the perfect match to your cocktail gowns, black is one colour that can translate and shift from the day to night with ease. Make sure that you experiment with the dress colours, so as to maintain the look changes. The good thing is you will find a lot of options in online stores, and it can be well within the budget.

Shrug Size

The next thing that needs attention is the size of the shrug. You don’t want to look fatter than you are, and if your weight is a concern, you need loose and very easy designs that can work well for your size. The idea is to go for a size larger than your regular tee size, so that you can avoid the snug fit.

Printed Shrug

Next, you need a fancy printed shrug. Look for prints that are easy on the eyes, mainly in smaller floral or graphic print motifs. Smaller prints create an illusion, and you can look more ravishing than usual, even with a regular white tee. Printed shrugs work best when teamed with shorts and one coloured tees and spaghettis.

embellished shrug

Another kind of style that you need is an embellished one. The design that you would want to wear to a party or special event. These shrugs are usually expensive, and some of the leading brands have good options. You can save some money by shopping online, and in terms of colours, you can choose any bright, basic or neutral shade that gives you a good start with most evening outfits. Such kind of designs are best paired with evening gowns and dresses.

transparent shrug

Finally, you also need a transparent shrug, probably in white or black. Transparent designs are great for creating the layered look, and at the same time, you can use it to cover big arms. The idea is to choose something that some kind of detailing, especially like in crochet or lace. This just helps in keeping the look busy at all times, and you don’t need to bother much about what you wear underneath. At the same time, you might also want to go edgy with the look, for which you just need to replace your tee with a bikini.

Hope you found some good ideas. Check online now, and for more on fashion, keep an eye on this space.

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