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Styling for the Spring in A Fresh Way- Part 2

We were talking of some of the new ways to freshen up the spring season for the months ahead in the last post. Taking it straight from there, we take at the different ideas that can make those old things of the closet a tad better and newer for a fresh look.

The button down shirt with a twist

The button down shirt with a twist: Last season, we had checked on spring 2014 trends at Alexander Wang, who showed us a new way to wear the button down shirt in a new way. Bring it straight from the runway designs and ideas we saw, and you can pick a button down design that is a tad larger than the size you already own and dress it with just two buttons done on the top. This is a cool and fresh way to show off the mid riff and yet not make a big fuss about it. As for the colours, blue, white and most other soft shades should work wonders.

Cut off the long denim

Cut off the long denim: Everyone loves denims and skinny fits for the spring, and we often wear our loved pairs till the ankle. You can go for a much easy look by cutting off the long denim short just below the calf. This is like giving the old denims a much needed appeal, so that they don’t look the same for every season. If you don’t want to do it for all denims you wear, you can try with just one pair. Also, if you check a few of the trusted fashion online stores, you will find the ankle cropped design for sale.

Go for the half jacket

Go for the half jacket: The long sleeved jackets, blazers and moto jackets don’t really make sense for the spring. When you want the fashion statements to be more season-oriented, there is nothing like going really stylish with half jacket. There are all kinds of both quilted and simple sheet like jackets that get rid of the long sleeves and are easy to wear. You can pair the half jacket as an item for layering with almost anything, starting off from the simple graphic tee to teaming sleeveless items with long sleeved shirts and blouses.

Wear it all white

Wear it all white: The all white look is a refreshing way to say that you mean nothing but spring. There are all kinds of designs in white, so you don’t need to go in buying sets. Even the white separates you have can go a long way in creating a look of layers, provided you know what you want to assemble. The completely white wash look has been in vogue for quite some time, and if you don’t have a white tee, white layered jacket and a pair of sneakers in white, it is time to go out and shop.

Among the other quick fixes you should know is the use of socks for spring, especially when you don’t want the spring sandals, strappy shoes and heels to look at the same. Get started with spring mixing and matching now!

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