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How to Style Ruffles This Spring

Since many parts of the globe are reeling under summery heat, so we thought of doing an exclusive post on the most happening trend of the spring season- Ruffles.

Well, no doubt, we have covered a lot on it in our previous posts of spring trends yet when one thinks of flounce, frills and ruffles, the odds are that they are picturing themselves as a small little kid, heading to a birthday party or a family event dressed in a scratchy party wear dress covered in several layers. Or even that maybe they loved that dress but resisted their temptation to wear it because ruffles and frills are about kids.  But this is not any more. The historical detail has gotten a fashion makeover and top designers are showing more and more pieces with voluminous frills, structured flounce and exaggerated ruffles. The latest ruffles for spring are fuss-free, structured and supersized.

Here are a few lovely styles in which you can style the ruffle this spring. And no, you won’t look like a baby!


Counteract feminine, sheer fabrics with a cool crop top that is just visible underneath. You should keep the jewellery to the least. Wear an open-button blouse with sleeves made of ruffles. Perfect, we assure!


A plain grey or white tee will turn any strapless dress to an effortless daywear. You may add brogues or trainers in order to keep it low-key. Wear the tee smartly under the strapless dress. A combination of white tee underneath a black or red strapless dress will look awesome and the ruffles of the dress will be further highlighted.


Thronging the markets and very much in fashion is the simply structured, off-shoulder frill. Wear it with vintage denim for a cool look.


A frilled off-shoulder top during spring is a must buy and a must try. It looks extremely classy but how you pair it is also equally important. Do some experiment and come up with something out of the box. For example, layer the top underneath a jumpsuit. If you think this sounds bizarre, try it for yourself and see how classy you look!


If you are a creative lady, you can actually get creative in a lot many ways when it comes to frills. Under a sleeveless dress, you can layer lot of garments. Even a ruffled bikini top! Just make sure that the colours of both the dress as well as the bikini are in a good contrast. And also, accessorize as less as possible otherwise the attention moves away from the ruffles.


Looking to pair the frill with your latest purchased sportswear? Worry not; we have a perfect combination for that too! Tie a sweatshirt around the waist along with relaxed trousers as the bottom. And what next? A holiday maybe?

The trick here is to pull off flounce and look like a classy adult. See that you make the ruffle a focal point of the outfit and ensure it’s both dramatic and structured. Try the above styles this spring to flaunt your new ruffled clothes.

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