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Style fixes that you can consider in 2013

We all make blunders when it comes to style and it’s totally acceptable. What is important is to know your body, shape and style to dress perfectly for next time. I always like to look my best almost all the time. I keep finding ways to dress up well and also help my friends to understand their style and look sexy, elegant and smart. Here are little tips and tricks that ensure you look your hottest this season.

  1. Drop a dress size: Add a sexy heel to your outlook. Try to avoid wedge heels, clogs or thick heels. Go for some pencil heel stilettos with short dresses (thigh length or minis) to add glamour to it and give you a sexy posture. Try to avoid prints, and preferably wear dark or solid colors.
  2. Appear taller:  If you have a short height don’t worry, there are ways to make you look taller. Wear peep-toe shoes that don’t have ankle straps. Strappy shoes and ankle boots cut your legs off at the ankles and make them look shorter. So, avoid strappy shoes and you are ready to look tall and sexy.peep toe shoes
  3. Add shape to boyish figure: the curves are a girl’s jewel for sure. If you have sexy and curvy figure flaunt it with some fitted clothes. But if you don’t have curvy figure, here are some tips. Floral prints and nude hues look feminine and give the impression of curves.  Floral tops with nude colored bottoms (pants, skirts, trousers) can help you cover the boyish figure and give you the feminine and curvy look, you desire.
  4. Create an hour glass figure: You want to look slim or is inspired by Victoria Balham’s hour glass figure? There are ways to do so too. Wear an ‘A’ line dress or a frock. Nip a skinny belt at the waist- it thins your middle and add curves. Solid and dark colors are suggested for the dress and choose a belt of color you like or think that will go best for you. Trust your own choice.
  5. Try a crimson lip:  Looking pale? Are you tired? Are you stressed out? Have you been partying from last so many days? Do you just want to look pretty? On days when you are feeling and looking tired, turn to red lipstick – it will add instant glamour to your look.
  6. Balance a pear shape: When it comes to look that will flatter your curvy shape, it’s all about drama around the top half of your bosy. Ruffles or power shoulders give the illusion that your hips are much smaller than your shoulders.
  7. Draw attention: A striking necklace can be used to focus eyes on your cleavage or take attention away from problem areas like hips or tummy.


Hope these tips prove to be useful to make you look stylish and sexy. Fashion is for everyone so, know your body and shape and be proud to style yourself.

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