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Style check on Emma Watson

She is the cute and smart Hermione from the Harry Potter series, but over the years Emma Watson has grown to be the perfect fashion icon. From being the nine year old girl to the global celebrity, Emma has worked really hard to be where she is. Every appearance of hers is an unmistaken fashion statement in one way of the other. Here, some cool dressing steps from her style files have been discussed.

Emma Watson Style

  • How she dresses for gala events and red carpet outings: Emma is always extremely particular about her look and likes things minimal with extreme basic colors being her choices. From laced dresses to classy satin gowns, we have seen her in all, but she never goes over the top. Her style check shows that she is more inclined towards short dresses than long ones. She keeps her makeup very much in tone without overshadowing her basic look.
  • How she dresses every other day: If she is not attending, Watson is seen in extremely comfortable stuff. When she is attending The Brown University, she is seen wearing jeans with understated cardigans. Burberry seems to a favorite brand. Her jeans are in a skinny fit, and cardigans that she wears is nothing but plain fashion statements.
  • How she does her makeup: Watson never overplays with style statements with loud makeup. Most of her public appearances show her in minimal makeup with ample attention being drawn to her eyes. She has an amazing photogenic face, but never ever she tries to show off. What works in her favor is the way she manages her hair. Mostly seen in clean styles, the hair is always in place with the right amount of styling.

Three of her admirable looks:

Emma Watson at Elle Style

  • At Elle style awards 2011: This is one of her few appearances where she becomes a style icon without going into details. She wore a gray dress that was combined with pointed pumps for a complete classy look. Watson let her short hair be in place, and she did almost nothing dramatic to her look, which obviously helped her stay away from the crowd and be the unique glam diva.
Emma Watson at Harry Potter event
  • At a Harry Potter event: She was seen wearing a short dress in classy combination of black and gold for a Harry Potter event, and she totally rocked the look. The golden bodice worked perfectly with black lace detailing, and she ensured that combined the look with black heels. Again, a complete head turning without being dramatic.Emma Watson Red Carpet Event
  • At a red carpet event: In one of her many appearances, Emma was seen wearing a perfect one colored dress with nothing but matching shoes to do the trick. She looks dread classy, and even being in a complete no bright color, she manages to carry the look with effortless ease. A complete diva in every sense!

Emma Watson continues to surprise her fans with every look, and the style choices she makes are certainly worth dying for. Fashion diva is the right adjective for this young star in the limelight!


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