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Stand Out Accessories To Try This Summer!

Summer is ideally one of the best to show off your body and sense of style. Time and again, we have talked of some of the best trends from summer 2015, and since there is time one is still not done with the season, we will check several amazing things about accessories for summer. In this very special post, let’s look at a few amazing accessories and ideas that every girl should own for the season.

The classic anklet

The classic anklet: Astoundingly cool and greatly effective, the anklet is one of the best jewellery items to adorn in summer, for the sheer fact that you don’t need to bother about mix and match anymore. The style is immensely lovable, and you can try one for just one ankle or wear two in both in the traditional way. There are some great designs, and surely, if you check with the right online stores, you won’t have to spend a fortune. Keep at least a few in your closet to instantly update the look like you always wanted.

Add a bit of turquoise

Add a bit of turquoise: If there has to one colour in modern accessories that you can wear anywhere, it has to be turquoise. Immensely pretty as a shade, turquoise neckpieces, bracelets and rings have that exotic feel that makes one run away for an instant vacation. The best part is you can find a lot of designs, and some of the street market stuff can be immensely likeable. Owning at least a few things with this shade in focus is must, as you will never need to think of any other accessory if you add one item to any look- Thanks to great colour highlight impact!

Rope neckpieces

Rope neckpieces: Statement necklaces have come a long way since designers first started off with the idea, and today, the contemporary girl needs that one neckpiece made in rope, thread or any kind of similar material. There is a great tribal accent to such neckpieces, but the effect is just cool enough to make it happening for formal and casual outfits alike. Again, this is one of the standout accessories, so avoid having other attention-grabbing items in the same look. As for designs, there are plenty, and you can check street stores and online markets for dirt cheap priced products.

Tasselled accessories

Tasselled accessories: The tassel and fringe have been used in a number of collections, and you can use this one as a unique accessory for your bags and bracelets. With a feminine touch, the tassel has been used in different cultures in different ways. Think of the western side, you have independent tassels used as singular items for hands, while in the Southeast Asian countries, like India, the tassel is used for hair and beyond. The design of the product can vary, but you will find one easily in most flea markets. Playing with colours can be fun with the tassel, which can be a good replacement for the fringe.

Happy styling for this summer and beyond!

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