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Spring Summer 2012 Trends in Sunglasses

Sunglasses are indispensible style statements for the summers. No matter what you wear, having the right pair of sunglasses can always add a little extra glamour to your look. For the Spring Summer 2012 collection in sunglasses, there are a few designs that have made on the top of charts for style trends. In the next few points, you get to know the sunglasses that you need to invest this season for a styled look.

Sunglasses trends

Quirky shaped sunglasses: The experiments that you can do with quirky shaped glasses are large. In fact, this has caught the fancy of many designers who have made it their ambition to bring the style of quirky shaped sunglasses in vogue. You can find styles such as heart shaped sunglasses, oval shaped sunglasses and star shaped sunglasses. If you think of such trend to be funny, think again. Popular brands such as Jeremy Scott and Giles are producing varied styles. If you want to garner attention and can take the little funniness on your positive side, these kind of trendy sunglasses are must haves for the season.

Cat eye sunglasses: This particular type of sunglasses has been in fashion for quite a few seasons. You will find different kinds of colors in such sunglasses suited for your regular outings. If you love getting trendy, cat eye sunglasses are just apt for your outings.

Round sunglasses: Are you impressed by the sunglasses sported by Lady Gaga and Kristen? If yes, you need stock a few round sunglasses. In the current collection of famed designer brands, Erdem and Yigel Azrouel, you will find round sunglasses occupying a giant status. No matter what you wear, round sunglasses are just in for the 2012 spring summer collection. These sunglasses come with encrusted jewels, which ensure you shine with all dazzle.

Colored frames: Using colored frames in sunglasses is not a new concept, but it seems that the style is gaining immense popularity among designers and fashion experts alike. Brands such as United Bamboo and Mark Jacobs have launched some amazing styles in their own way, and you will just fall in love with the colors. You can try gradient glasses that are quite in for the season.

Sporty sunglasses: If you have the idea that sporty sunglasses are only for the sportsmen, you need to revise your fashion quotient. For the spring summer collection for sunglasses in 2012, sport sunglasses hold a special position. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Rag & Bone have designed sunglasses with a sporty look to entice fashion lovers. As for colors, there are many changes trending this season. From bright shades to traditional hues, there’s something for everyone.
Keep the above trends in your pocket for shopping for sunglasses this season. You can check online the spring summer collection from various brands to know about the trends and other things that are rocking the fashion charts. With the right choices, you can turn yourself into a glam diva on your each outing.


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