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Spring Mistakes That Most Girls Make – Part 1

Spring is easily the most styled up season of the year, and many girls do miss on the basic style statements. After a whole range of posts and more on spring fashion and style based on the trends from the runways, we are taking a look at the most awful spring mistakes that most fashionistas can make. Check this list of blunders to know if you are making any of them.

Going all black

Going all black: While black has emerged to be one of the most common choices of designers for spring looks, the all-black look doesn’t really look cool for the freshest season of the year. Instead of going for black in full, the next best choice is to go for great mix of black and white. A fresh and happening statement in more ways than one, black and white work wonders, and if you remember some of the posts we did on spring 2015, we did mention that mix of these two colours are one of the most happening thing on the runways.

Too many colours

Too many colours: It’s totally understandable that you love the colours of the spring, but trying them all at once can mean a big mess. Go for more subtle balance with one or more neutral pieces that are easy enough with dresses or looks that have a lot of colour. Spring colours need to be chosen rightly, and if you can match and do the shades rightly, a lot can be achieved for very less. Check with some of the online stores, and you will find prints with many colours, which can be matched well with a nice one coloured blazer. If no monochromatic colour works for the look, keep in mind that black is always the safest bet.

Same print all over

Same print all over: Same print for the entire look is no more one of the happening things on the block. Instead, you can go ahead and mix the prints. Clashing prints does need a little bit of art and an eye for matching, but with so many choices and different style blogs, you can do it well. We are already thinking if we should do a post on how we can match prints, giving a guide to other fashionistas. For now, this is one thing that you can follow with ease, and check for the prints that can be combined with one another.

Avoid black nails

Avoid black nails: The black nail polish is easily one of the most frequented trends, and yet it doesn’t really appeal for the spring. Go ahead with the pop colours and match the shade with something you wear. In fact, you don’t really need to follow the black nail paint ever, because there are so many kinds of nail art and more that most girls can do. The good thing is the fact that you don’t even need to rush to a stylist, but a box of shades is all that it takes to create artwork for one and all nails. Start experimenting now!

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